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Sinteck XT-2000

Stereo FM Transmitter

The Sinteck XT-2000 offers the latest technology in a compact design and at a great price point.

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Sinteck XT-2000

Introducing the Sinteck XT-2000, a comprehensive FM transmitter that fulfills all the requirements of a major network, all while remaining incredibly cost-effective. The Sinteck Next proposal for this equipment aims to provide customers with a product that boasts high reliability, economic efficiency, and a compact design, offering the best cost-to-benefit ratio on the market.

With adjustable power up to, 2000W, this transmitter occupies just 3 rack units (13.3 cm in height). It utilizes the latest ZVS configuration to achieve a remarkable 93% efficiency in the power sector and 85% in the RF industry, enabling a single source output of 3,800W. This makes it a highly efficient choice for both power and RF needs, presenting a superior option for your broadcasting station.

Sinteck’s XT transmitter line is primarily focused on achieving energy efficiency and robust performance. This series of transmitter equipment provides comprehensive solutions for those seeking top-notch signal quality while minimizing operational costs.

These transmitters incorporate direct-on-channel FM modulator circuits that deliver audio response equivalent to DDS digital equipment, all at a budget-friendly price. Their robust, efficient, and precise circuitry is housed within a compact unit, designed with a harmonious mechanical structure that stands out in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

The XT series is an exclusive offering, crafted by those who possess a deep understanding of both radio technology and its nuances: Sinteck Next.