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Sinteck Strider STL

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Sinteck Strider STL 950MHz


Compared to the best existing STL link equipment on the world market, STRIDER STL-TC is a complete radio link system without limitations.
Link the radio studio to the transmitting plant transparently with this powerful system
offered by Sinteck Next. The only equipment on the market with a digital demodulator that offers low harmonic distortion, built-in standard stereo demodulator and transmission option with stereo generator, 15kHz digital filter and dual-band audio processor.

The STRIDER STL-TC is an audio link system via RF, ideal for stations that need to link studio-plant or broadcast any other type of event. The same equipment can be used in AM or FM stations.
The modern high precision VCO that is present in the Strider STL ensures incredible audio quality, a system with low distortions (< 0.2%) that provides more weight and brightness in the transmission. The system can be connected to a 110/220V network and also to 12V automotive batteries. It has balanced XLR inputs and outputs, two MPX inputs being a baseband and one SCA, ideal for connecting audio multiprocessors and RDS encoders (use in FM stations). The receiver features one MPX output, one balanced mono XLR output with 12kHz digital filter (ideal for connection to AM transmitters), and two balanced XLR demodulated stereo outputs.

The STRIDER STL-TC transmitter offers 10W of digitally adjustable power. The receiver has 2 cavity filters offering superior selectivity and sensitivity, triple conversion (3 intermediate frequencies, 70MHz, 10.7MHz and 700kHz and subsequent digital demodulator) linking places where other links do not Arrive Distances greater than 80 km can be easily linked by this system.