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Sinteck Strider IP STL

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Sinteck Strider IP STL Encoder + Decoder – A Breakthrough in Audio TransmissionUnlock the future of audio transmission with Sinteck Strider IP STL Encoder + Decoder. Say goodbye to RF systems and antennas. Discover the limitless potential of TCP/IP connections for audio propagation.

Sinteck Strider IP STL Encoder + Decoder: A Revolution in Audio Transmission

In the not-so-distant past, the idea of a seamless audio link seemed like a futuristic dream, one that would only function with high-speed internet. However, Sinteck Next has leapfrogged into that future with the Strider IP STL Encoder + Decoder system. Sinteck has engineered a novel link system utilizing a TCP/IP connection, whether it’s the Internet, a Wi-Fi network, or any computer network (LAN, MAN, or WAN), as the conduit for audio signal propagation between the studio and transmitter. This innovation eliminates the complexity of traditional RF systems with their antennas.

The Strider IP system requires just one TCP/IP connection(3) between the transmitter and the receiver, ensuring a secure connection with cutting-edge hardware components and processors, guaranteeing robustness. Unlike conventional systems, there’s no underlying operating system – it’s not a computer disguised as equipment. It’s as powerful and efficient as our Strider 130-2500MHz link, all while sidestepping the electromagnetic spectrum for signal propagation.

With this equipment, there are no geographical boundaries. As long as there’s an internet connection, your audio remains linked.

Key Features of Strider IP Encoder and Decoder:

  1. Strider IP Encoder: This feature-packed encoder boasts two XLR analog inputs for left and right channels. Your audio, straight from the mixer, is digitally processed by a DSP to maintain an optimal signal level. The signal is then digitally converted and transmitted through the TCP/IP connection. The equipment also offers optical and AES/EBU digital inputs for added versatility.
  2. Strider IP Decoder: The decoder is equipped with two analog XLR outputs for the left and right channels, as well as optical and AES/EBU digital outputs.

Additional Capabilities:

Going beyond conventional capabilities, the Strider IP system offers multiplexed audio outputs (optional) using internal cards to generate stereo digitally. It processes audio in two bands, filters audio at 15kHz, and even generates RDS characters. Using a simple 50 Ohms cable, this equipment can be directly connected to your FM transmitter. Additionally, a USB input allows you to store recorded radio programming, providing a backup in case of connection failure. The equipment seamlessly plays the programming stored on the flash drive.

Strider IP is truly unrivalled, setting new standards and transcending limits. It’s an affordable solution for all types of radio stations, offering a future-proof audio transmission system.

Discover the Future of Audio Transmission with Strider IP STL. Upgrade your audio setup today!