Sinteck Strider IP STL

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Sinteck Strider IP STL

Encoder + Decoder

Until recently, such a link would be considered a dream for the future, where it would only work with high-speed Internet, but Sinteck Next managed to get ahead of that. Sinteck created a link system that uses a TCP/IP connection (Internet, Wi-Fi network or any computer network – LAN, MAN or WAN) as a means of propagating the audio signal between the studio and transmitter. This is a much simpler way than installing an RF system with antennas.

The STRIDER IP requires only one TCP/IP connection(3) between the transmitter and the receiver, and the link will be closed Specific hardware, with state-of-the-art components and processors that guarantee the robustness of the system. There is no operational system, it is not a computer disguised as equipment, it is something as powerful and efficient as our Strider 130-2500MHz link but without using the electromagnetic spectrum to propagate its signals.

With this equipment there are no limits or distances, as long as there is Internet the audio will be linked.
The STRIDER IP encoder has two XLR analog inputs (left and right channel) where the audio coming from the mixer is digitally processed by a DSP, maintaining the signal at an adequate level. This signal enters the converters digitally and transmitted via TCP/IP. The equipment also has optical and AES/EBU digital inputs.

The STRIDER IP decoder has two analog XLR outputs (left channel and right channel) and also optical and AES/EBU digital outputs.

Thinking further, STRIDER IP has multiplexed audio outputs (optional) with internal cards that generate stereo digitally, process audio in two bands, filter audio at 15kHz and also generate RDS characters and through a simple 50 cable. Ohms the equipment can be connected directly to the FM transmitter of the radio. A USB input allows the user to leave a recorded radio programming, in the event of a possible connection failure, the equipment will play the programming contained in the flash drive.

STRIDER IP, a team without competition, without precedents and without limits, at affordable costs for any type of station.