Sinteck RUS-6K

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Introducing the Sinteck RUS-6K, an innovative transmitter engineered to seamlessly integrate any number of parallel amplifiers without the need for external combiners, ensuring unparalleled efficiency, robustness, and uninterrupted performance.

This cutting-edge equipment represents the pinnacle of modern technology, boasting the most efficient FM transmission capabilities available. With its unique “self-combining” modules, it can handle power outputs from 6kW, and even with 2kW cells, it can achieve formidable power levels suitable for complete coverage of expansive urban areas.

The RUS system features a DC 48V power input and a sophisticated CPU that intelligently balances alternative energy sources with conventional systems. This enables seamless integration of on-site solar panels and wind turbines, resulting in unmatched energy savings.

Output Power: 6,000 Watts in 100 Watt steps

  • 72% efficiency or better on 220V AC, 85% or better on 48V DC
  • RF output impedance: 50 Ohms
  • RF output connector: EIA 1-5/8″ FLANGE
  • Frequency range: 87.5 to 108.1MHz (programmable synthesizer, extended range from 76.0 to 108.1MHz on request)
  • Frequency Steps: 10kHz
  • General programming: 7″ color touch-screen or through telemetry and connectivity system (via Ethernet and SNMP)
  • Frequency stability: 1 ppm (high precision TCXO) with +/-100Hz variation
  • Modulation type: F3, FM direct modulation (direct VCO at the final frequency, without frequency multiplication)
  • Harmonic attenuation level: >80dBc
  • Residual AM Modulation (Asyncr.): Approximately 0.05% (55dB) at 100% modulation
  • Residual AM Modulation (Syncr.): Approximately 0.1% (65dB) at 100% modulation
  • Intermodulation Distortion: <0.05% @ 1kHz
  • Flat frequency response: 20Hz to 100kHz
  • FM Signal/Noise Ratio: >76dB
  • RF Devices: Blade with 2 AMPLEON BLF188XR RF transistors, total devices in transmitter: 6 pieces

Power Input:

  • 220V or 380V three-phase, configurable via the AC bus, variation can be +/- 20%, from 45 to 68Hz
  • DC 48V from battery banks, equipment has internal float charger
  • Bank of varistors, gas spark gaps, and transorbs
  • AC input fast-acting circuit breakers
  • 1 Eltek Powerpack 3000W source for each 2.2kW unit (Blade), extra internal auxiliary source in the CPU module.

Physical Specifications:

  • Weight: 130kg
  • Dimensions: Height 41 rack units (2mts), width 1,120mm, depth 905mm
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to +50°C at 100% power output, 0 to 70% at +45°C non-condensing

CPU and Display:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core
  • Telemetry: Built-in, direct access via the browser screen and applications. SNMP with MIB provisioning
  • Digital control and audio: Digitally controls audio levels and processor presets, generator control
  • XLR Analog and Digital Inputs: Various connectors provided
  • MPX Input: Provided with specific connection type and frequency response
  • SCA and RDS Input: Provided with specific connection type and frequency response
  • Input 10MHz Synchronism: Provided with specific connection type
  • Remote Controls: Interlock Control Input, modulation capacity, pre-emphasis control

Please note that some details such as connector types and specific functionalities may require further clarification or customization based on individual requirements.