Sinteck EX-1020

FM Transmitter

The Sinteck EX-1020 FM transmitters brings a high quality product allied at low production cost, excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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Sinteck EX-1020

Sinteck EX-1020 – Sinteck offers two product lines for low-power stations: the EX and XT series. Keeping the market’s needs in mind, clients can choose the model that best suits their purposes. The EX series provides a high-quality product allied with low production costs, offering an excellent cost-benefit ratio. The Sinteck EX series is comparable to other transmitters commonly found in the broadcast market. Known for being user-friendly with superior audio quality and reliability, these are the key attributes of this series. On the other hand, the XT series presents the most powerful transmitters, delivering the highest audio quality due to a higher linear VCO, an integrated RDS coder, a stereo generator, and complete access control through its telemetry system.