Sielco UHF STL Package

TX + RX + Ant’s + Cables = BIG DISCOUNT

Our pre-configured studio to transmitter link package comes tuned to any frequency between 200 – 960MHz and offers “BIG” discounts.


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Sielco UHF STL Package

The Sielco EXC18B/2-9 transmitter &  RTX18B/2-9 pair are a very high quality audio link operating in the UHF broadcasting band. The design of this equipment derives from the proven EXC/RTX18 series that has received great recognition from the market, as well as for the digital control technology introduced on the Sielco FM transmitter range. Both the EXC18 transmitter and the RTX18 receiver offer a complete control through display and keyboard either from control panel or remote control. The outstanding modulation characteristics, the low noise and distortion, the wide pass band, the optional stereo encoder and decoder, the easy field programmability all together make the ECX-RTX 18 pair very appealing for their superior quality, reliability and free maintenance. The data link is fully compatible with external digital audio encoders/decoders. In  our STL package each of the above units come complete with 20m of low loass cable with pre-fitted connectors and a directional yagi antenna. We just need your link frequency with order and we will configure the whole package to offer you a plug & play system for you or your engineer to install quickly.