Quasar-sdg DMW-1K5

1.25kW (Digital ready) AM Transmitter

100% Solid State and Digital equipment. Ready for Digital, IBOC, DRM and AM Stereo broadcasting.

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Quasar-sdg DMW-1K5

1500watt AM transmitter

100% Solid State and Digital equipment. Digital Broadcast Ready, IBOC, DRM and AM Stereo. Modular-redundant architecture composed of two (02) high efficiency amplifiers, >96%. Bright and transparent sound with great modulation capacity, 150% peak at nominal power. It has an anti-lightning output filter as well as a sophisticated power compensation system against fluctuations in the electrical network. Includes: “REMOTE CONTROL VIA TEXT MESSAGE or WEB” AND “REMOVABLE RF AMPLIFIERS, HOT-PLUG-IN”.

Comparative advantages



02 Modulated RF Amplifier 1,250Watts each. 02 RF Amplifiers 1000 Watts each.
Easy maintenance, fan unit, auxiliary power supply and detachable RF amplifiers. Ventilation unit and fixed power sources, do not allow easy and adequate maintenance.
Plug-in power modules, no need to go offline for maintenance. Fixed power modules, need to go off the air for maintenance.
Four power levels. Allows change: local, remote, (via WEB or Mobile Phone) and/or Programmable. Four power levels.
Built-in Remote Control Separate remote control.
Analog-Digital Emission Analog/Digital/Hybrid Emission
Efficiency >87% Efficiency <=80%
P-PDM Polyphase Technology. Reduces faults due to transients and overvoltage. Conventional PWM technology. Each modulated RF amplifier includes low-pass filters that make them vulnerable to antenna changes, electrical transients.
Nominal Power 1,250 Watts, supplied by two PA1250P power modules, which gives the equipment a power reserve of 1,250  Watts. * Nominal Power of 1,000 Watts, supplied by 02 MP-DA2 power modules, of 1,000 Watts each, which gives the equipment a power reserve of 1,000 Watts. *