Orban Optimod TRIO

FM/AM/DAB+ Digital Audio Processor, 5-band, RDS/RBDS, incl. AoIP Dante OR Ravenna

Original price was: €5,370.Current price is: €5,115.


The Orban Optimod TRIO is a versatile audio processor offering three configurations in one compact unit: AM Audio Processor, FM Audio Processor, and HD Radio/DAB+/Streaming Audio Processor. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Key Features:

  1. Three Configurations in One: The Optimod TRIO can be configured for AM, FM, or HD Radio/DAB+/Streaming audio processing, providing flexibility for various broadcasting needs.
  2. Compact Design: Despite its compact size, the Optimod TRIO packs powerful functionality suitable for a range of broadcasting applications.
  3. FM Operating Mode:
    • Offers four FM processing structures: Five-Band, Low-Latency Five-Band, Ultra-Low-Latency Five-Band, and Two-Band.
    • Can function as a stand-alone stereo encoder with low latency (as low as 2 msec) and full overshoot limiting.
    • Includes a defeatable ITU BS.412 Multiplex Power Controller for smooth and reliable MPX power control.
    • Features an onboard RDS/RBDS generator supporting dynamic PS scrolling and IP access.
    • Optional μMPX Interface for transmitting DMPX over IP.
  4. AM Operating Mode:
    • Delivers excellent quality in AM shortwave, medium wave, and long wave broadcast sound.
    • Increases density and loudness of program material through multiband limiting and multiband distortion-canceling clipping.
    • Compensates for high- and low-frequency rolloffs of typical AM receivers with a fully adjustable program equalizer providing up to 20dB of high-frequency boost.
  5. HD Operating Mode:
    • Offers a choice between Five-Band processing for spectrally consistent sound with good loudness control, and Two-Band processing for transparent sound preserving frequency balance.
    • Features a “True Peak” limiter to anticipate and control peak levels following D/A conversion, meeting broadcaster requirements.
    • PreCode™ technology minimizes artifacts caused by low bitrate codecs in HD Radio™, DAB+, and streaming.
  6. Control Options:
    • Configurable and controllable via any HTML5 web browser, providing ease of use.
    • Supports SNMP v2 for remote monitoring and control.
    • Ember+ protocol support planned for a future release.

Overall, the Orban Optimod TRIO offers broadcasters a versatile and powerful audio processing solution with advanced features tailored to meet the specific requirements of AM, FM, and HD Radio/DAB+/Streaming broadcasting applications.