Marian SERAPH M2

The world’s first 384 kHz MADI PCIe audio interface.

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The Marian Seraph M2 is a cutting-edge PCIe audio interface designed for reliable transmission and reception of a large number of audio signals over minimal cables. Here are some key features and specifications of the Seraph M2:

  1. 384 kHz MADI PCIe Audio Interface:
    • The world’s first 384 kHz MADI PCIe audio interface.
    • Ideal for transmitting and receiving a high number of audio signals over a minimal number of cables.
  2. High Channel Count:
    • Supports up to 256 channels for audio transmission.
    • Integrated clock synchronization for stable connections over long distances.
  3. Samplerates and Transmission Latency:
    • Supports samplerates of up to 384 kHz.
    • Low transmission latencies ensure real-time audio processing.
  4. Connector Options:
    • Available in two versions: M2-F with optical SC connectors and M2 with coaxial BNC connectors.
  5. Compatibility:
    • Compatible with all MADI formats up to 384 kHz.
  6. MWX Extender (Optional):
    • Extends the Seraph M2 with a word clock output for external device synchronization.
    • Provides two MIDI inputs and outputs for MIDI signal transmission.
    • Allows embedding MIDI signals into the MADI signal for long-distance transmission.
  7. Real-Time Routing and Signal Control:
    • Hardware-based user interface for latency-free routing of up to 128 input signals to various outputs.
    • Volume adjustments for each output channel.
  8. Driver Suite and Compatibility:
    • Comprehensive driver suite optimized for Windows systems.
    • Minimal latencies in any ASIO DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).
  9. Additional Features:
    • 24-bit / 384 kHz resolution for digital connectors.
    • Cascadeable via TDM SyncBus.
    • Compatible with current Thunderbolt PCIe adapters.
  10. Support:
    • Free lifelong quality support provided.

In summary, the Marian Seraph M2 offers a high-performance solution for audio professionals, providing advanced features, flexibility, and reliable performance for demanding audio applications.