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SERAPH M2-F MWX – Mission: “Audio in Abundance”.

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SERAPH M2 F MWX – Mission: “Audio in Abundance”

Everywhere you look in the professional audio industry: if it comes to reliably sending/receiving extremely many signals with just one single cable, MADI is THE solution. Up to 64 channels per cable, integrated clock synchronization, long-range electrical or optical transmission – all these advantages and more are now available for an extremely good price with the MARIAN SERAPH M2.
Based on a super-fast PCIe interface, a single SERAPH M2 sends and receives up to 256 channels either via 4 electrical BNC or 2 optical SC connectors. And if this is not yet enough: the unique MARIAN SyncBus allows to internally synchronize up to 4 SERPAH M2 in one computer for a true abundance of signals…

Getting in Control of 256++ Channels

Using the extreme potential of a special DSP, the SERAPH M2 F offers extensive routing capabilities for all 256 channels. You may define for each output separately which signal is supposed to appear here: a playback signal from the computer or a latency-free duplicate of any input signal of the sound system. Furthermore the volume of each input or playback channel can be changed independently. Using these functions, complex signal routing and distribution setups are most easily accomplished and remote-controlled, thanks to a thoughtful and ergonomic software control surface.

Flexible and Expandable: The TDM SyncBus

Using the SyncBus you can upgrade the SERAPH M2 F with up to 3 more of its kind or with any other SyncBus-compatible MARIAN sound system. The SyncBus enables all connected systems to share audio clock and start/stop information. This unique solution thus ensures reliable recording of all the signals of all the sound systems involved.

Fast and Reliable: Multi-client Driver Suite

Every SERAPH audio system provides support for Windows™XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows™ Server2003/2008/2008.R2/2012 and Apple Mac OS X. The truly multi-client and continuously improved driver includes ASIO 2, GSIF 2, WDM with kernel streaming and real, non-emulated DirectSound support, delivering extrem low latencies for all software environments. Contrary to many competitive products, it allows to run several audio applications using the same or even different audio interfaces, parallel on the same computer system. Well-structured settings, dialogues and menus of the driver along with simple to read and practical documentation in printed form, make it easy to setup this system and adjust it to the specific requirements of your studio. Of course all settings, including MIDI assignments and signal flow of mixer and routing can be saved in a file for total recall.

Powerfull and Future-proof: A perfect choice

Powerful and Future-proof: A perfect choice Both SERAPH M2 types (standard or M2-F) are available in two versions. For plain input/output purposes the SERAPH M2 with its 2 MADI connectors will serve perfectly in mainly all situations. The SERAPH M2 MWX, though, provides an additional daughter board with a wordclock synchronization in- and output. The wordclock ports are ideal for advanced clock setups that allow independence of the clock signals of the MADI ports. That also means, you can synchronize all external equipment featuring a wordclock input simply using the SERAPH M2 MWX as clock master. A helpful tool to manage clock signals is the included software clock status panel monitoring samplerates, lock status and possibly clock errors of all digital input signals.

Like every sound system by MARIAN the SERAPH M2 marks up due to its easy installation and steadily controlled highest manufacturing quality. This and the fact, that the SERAPH M2 is 100% engineered and assembled in Germany, make us confident enough to grant a full 5-year limited warranty.