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MagicSoft Streamer

Software Application for Live IP Streaming


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MagicSoft Streamer – The Ultimate Application for Live IP Streaming

MagicSoft Streamer is a comprehensive application tailored for live IP streaming. It caters to the distribution and contribution needs of IP broadcasting with its versatile and feature-rich capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Supported Compression: MagicSoft Streamer supports MPEG2 and H264 compressions, offering flexibility in IP output, including UDP, RTP, or RTMP. These outputs cater to various platforms such as Wowza, YouTube, and Twitch.
  • Receiver Software: In addition to streaming, the software includes a receiver application capable of decoding and outputting UDP/RTP streams to Decklink or Intensity cards.

Compatibility and Testing:

  • H264 UDP/RTP Compatibility: Streams are compatible with DVB IP infrastructure and have been rigorously tested and verified with industry-standard hardware and software.
  • Hardware and Software Validation: The conformance of the H264 UDP stream was rigorously tested with hardware measurement tools like Tektronix MTM 400 and Tandberg 7010, as well as software programs such as Manzanita TSA, Elecard StreamEye, and ProMax TS Analyser.
  • Device Compatibility: The H264 UDP/RTP streams were validated and function seamlessly 24/7/365 with devices including Tandberg TT1260, Tandberg RX1290, Ericsson RX8200, and Amino A140.

Multi-Input Support and RTMP Servers:

  • Multiple Video Inputs: MagicSoft Streamer supports up to 4 video inputs, utilizing Decklink, Intensity, AJA, or Corvid cards and devices. It can be configured for analog or digital input based on card capabilities (e.g., SDI, HDMI, YUV, or composite).
  • Supported RTMP Servers: It seamlessly integrates with various RTMP servers including YouTube, Twitch, Wowza, Vimeo, and DaCast.

Professional Module Features:

  • Stream Recording: A professional module offers advanced features like simultaneous stream recording in .ts file format alongside streaming to designated IPs.
  • YUV Level Legalizer: Ensures video levels are within the appropriate range.
  • Sampling Rate Control: Allows setting the sampling rate as 4:2:2 for precise control.
  • BlackMagic Video Hub Compatibility: Possibility to work with a BlackMagic Video Hub device over the network for input selection.

Additional Features:

  • Watch-dog Application: Ensures the functionality of MagicSoft Streamer by sending status updates and alerts via SMTP email.
  • SD and HD Support: Works seamlessly for both SD and HD setups and accommodates up to 16 audio channels (16-bit 48KHz) based on the capabilities of the utilized frame-buffer.

Supported Inputs:

  • SDI Variants: Supports SDI with embedded audio or audio AES.
  • Analog Inputs: YUV with analog audio and composite with analog audio.
  • Digital Input: Supports HDMI input.

This powerful software, MagicSoft Streamer, delivers a comprehensive solution for live IP streaming, making it an ideal choice for diverse broadcasting needs.