MagicSoft CG

Graphic insertion using BlackMagic Decklink devices

MagicSoft CG has a GPU-based rendering engine that supports all SD and HD modes.

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MagicSoft CG

Broadcast quality

MagicSoft CG has a GPU-based rendering engine that supports all SD and HD modes. The graphics are 24 bit (TrueColor) with an 8-bit alpha channel (256 transparency levels). De-interlacing and anti-flicker display options guarantee the proper output of images and live video.
The engine offers Antialiasing for TrueType and OpenType fonts and Anisotropic filtering for images by using the GPU.


3D working environment (no layers)

The objects can be animated by moving, rotating and changing colour and transparency and can be dynamically moved on the z-axis eliminating the limitations of the layer oriented programs. Rendering for both Preview and On Air is done in the GPU, so a powerful CPU is not required. A key-frame concept is used to describe the characteristics in time of an object and can be used to interpolate previous-mentioned characteristics in the time intervals between key-frames.


Scripting and Automation

MagicSoft CG supports scripting, which can make it possible to run applications like SMS to TV. The TCP/IP protocol allows you to control the displaying and content of a project.


What are the primary benefits of MagicSoft CG?

      MagicSoft CG creates a 3D working environment using a GPU based 3D engine with low requirements for the processor and the rest of the PC.

Are MagicSoft CG products available in analogue and serial digital input/output?

      Yes. MagicSoft CG works with all Decklink cards in Keying mode and, as an example, with Decklink Studio you can have SDI input and composite/YUV output.

How about licensing?

      MagicSoft CG SD is the basic licence and allows you to work with unlimited tickers, logo, lower thirds, clock plus scripting for SMS games and UTF-8 TCP/IP protocol.
The HD option can be purchased from the start or as an upgrade. The licence is bound in a dongle USB key, so you can move the installation to another computer without problems.

MagicSoft CG offers a preview while having a project On Air?

      Yes. You can preview and adjust projects on your computer screen before sending it On Air.

Do MagicSoft CG products support external commands?

      Yes. We have a very flexible TCP/IP protocol that allows you to control the content and status of the project.

There is support for animations in MagicSoft CG?

      Yes. The animation concept works on text, animated sequences, clock, lower thirds.
MagicSoft CG offers a system of keyframes that is applied for movement, rotation, colour, and transparency ( please see the pdf tutorial from the installer).

For a longer image sequence, there is a possibility to compress the images?

      Yes. The .dds compression is supported and has a 4:1 compress ratio. In the installer package, there is an additional program for converting .tga to .dds.
The .ddsx2 format allows you much better quality but the compression is 2:1

How many more layers/objects can MagicSoft CG sustain?

      MagicSoft CG it is not limited to work with layers. Being a fully 3D environment with ortho projection it gives you the possibility to move the items on the z-axis as well.
As for performance, in HD using an Nvidia 560 card and an Intel i5 processor you can have 3-4 tickers with animated smileys, several lower-thirds and rolls and
as many graphic sequences that are allowed by the RAM memory capacity.