Lucoro TX-DAB350

SKU 107217


350W DAB broadcast transmitter

The Lucoro TX-DAB350 is an ultra-efficient 350W DAB broadcast transmitter with Integrated OFDM modulator and Doherty RF amplifier.

Lucoro TX-DAB350

The Lucoro TX-DAB350 is a state-of-the-art DAB broadcast transmitter.

As a standalone solution, these transmitters provide a complete and highly reliable broadcast service in one compact product. Energy consumption is greatly reduced by the Doherty Amplifier efficiency, providing a massive ongoing cost saving.

TXDAB350 constantly optimizes internal circuitry to provide a stable and reliable broadcast service. The user can control every essential aspect of the OFDM signal, including synchronization and pre-correction. Monitoring and control can be performed either via the front panel controls or via TCP/IP (option).

Designed by DAB specialist broadcast engineers with over two decades of digital audio broadcasting experience, the TX-DAB350 joins a range of cost saving professional transmission products in-use with broadcasters and network operators worldwide.



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