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Lucoro smart-RX

Rebroadcast Receiver

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Lucoro smart-RX

The Lucoro smart-RX is an Intelligent FM Receiver for use at rebroadcast relay (Transposer) transmission sites.

It is ideal for locations where the parent signal might be lower in strength than +54dBuV/m, and where strong interfering signals are present.

It features a sophisticated RF input filter, followed by a highly sensitive Front-End with quadruple varactor filtering, giving excellent immunity to other signals and high selectivity. The IF stage features triple filtering and DSP stages which reconstruct the baseband without the noise associated with weak incoming signals. All stages of the multiplex signal are re-generated, noise-free, including the Pilot signal, stereo subcarrier and the RDS subcarrier.

This not only provides the optimum audio quality for the rebroadcast signal, but also ensures that levels once again become compliant with broadcast regulations, especially spectral occupancy.

All adjustments are made automatically by the DSP circuits, making installation a very simple process. Furthermore, the multiplex output level can be adjusted via the front panel LCD menu.


  • 88-108MHz PLL tuner
  • Sensitive Front-End
  • DSP filtering
  • Easy to use
  • Highly compact 1U design


  • Weak signal areas
  • Sites with strong adjacent signals
  • Multiple RX chains
  • Community and local radio
  • Network sites


  • Dimensions: 1U 43 H × 482 W × 135 D (mm)
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • RF input: N female, 50 ohms
  • MPX output: BNC, 75 ohms
  • MPX output level: 0 to 3V P-P into 75 ohms
  • Frequency: 87.5 – 108 MHz
  • Minimum signal input: 45dBuV (recommended)
  • Voltage: 100 – 250Vac 50-60Hz
  • Compliance: CE, UKCA