Lucoro FMTX5

The Lucoro FMTX5 is a fully integrated 5W Stereo FM broadcast system with DSP audio processing, stereo encoder and RDS generator in a single, highly compact product.

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Low Power Lucoro FMTX5 FM Event Stereo FM Transmitter with RDS and Audio Processing

The FMTX5 presents a fully integrated 5W Stereo FM broadcast system incorporating full DSP audio processing, a digital stereo encoder, and a 16 times oversampling RDS generator within a singular, highly compact product. This amalgamation delivers an exceptionally high-class transmission system tailored for cost-conscious radio stations that demand uncompromising performance.

The DSP audio processor offers intelligent Automatic Gain Control, a multi-band compressor/limiter, alongside distortion-controlled clipping and filtering. Its slow ‘gain riding’ optimizes long-term audio level variations while preventing undesirable changes during silent intervals. The multi-band limiter efficiently controls the sonic signature of various program materials, ensuring that any format—from talk shows to hit music formats—is broadcast as loudly and clearly as stations equipped with the most expensive processors. Additionally, a digital 15kHz FIR filter safeguards subcarrier integrity without compromising passband audio quality.

The FMTX5 uniquely adapts transparently to all audio source materials, putting an end to the costly extras typically associated with audio processors and rendering lengthy user setup a thing of the past. Our Lab has developed the latest DSP algorithms using specialized modulation power analysis conducted by broadcast engineers with over 20 years of FM processing experience. The outcome is a ‘plug and play’ FM broadcast solution with deep bass, crisp treble, and powerful clarity, ensuring it stands out on every listener’s tuning dial and extends the usable coverage area.

Moreover, the FMTX5 boasts an entirely digital 16-times oversampled Stereo Encoder section, ensuring perfect audio separation and detail. The RDS encoder utilizes direct digital waveform synthesis for clean, perfect generation of the 57kHz subcarrier. Alongside station name information, extended features including RadioTEXT, Alternative Frequency, and Traffic Announcement content are also broadcast. Being standalone, the integrated RDS generator doesn’t necessitate a dedicated computer or data feed. Users have the flexibility to change content at any time using a programming device and a Windows™ Laptop or PC connected to a port on the back panel.

The FMTX5 employs professional audio-grade components and the latest surface mount technology throughout. At its core lies a high-quality PLL modulator, and the RF Power Amplifier utilizes the latest high-gain Enhancement Mode MOSFET device, achieving new levels of efficiency and reliability. TTL remote monitoring and switching allow seamless integration into automated backup applications. Additionally, an audio silence alarm and remote RDS TA control are provided.

A network (TCP/IP Ethernet) connection is included for remote web page monitoring and control, offering ease of use and flexibility.

Noteworthy Features:

  • FM stereo service with RDS
  • Exciter drive in higher power systems
  • Full chain back-up
  • 0.3 – 5W RF output power
  • DSP stereo multiband audio processor
  • 16x oversampled RDS encoder
  • High-quality linear PLL modulator


  • Drive-in Cinema
  • Drive-in Concerts
  • Standalone L-RSL radio service
  • Standalone Campus radio service
  • Translation services