Lucoro DC01/N/F-M

Dual Directional Coupler

The Lucoro DC01/N/F-M Dual Directional Coupler is made in the UK and is a low cost allowing precise measurements to be made and uses quality parts to ensure continual service life and accuracy.

SKU: 108481


Lucoro DC01/N/F-M

Manufactured in the UK by Lucoro, this Dual Directional Coupler is the ideal Test Coupler for FM transmitters and DAB transmitters used in Ofcom licenced installations.

It allows both Forward and Reverse measurements to be made without interrupting the broadcast service.

This new coupler has been launched as an alternative to the now obsolete EME-7020-30B by EME Karl Müller. It has a similar coupling factor, directivity figure, frequency range and form factor.

The main through-line ports are ‘N’ Type (male and female) and the coupling ports are SMA type connectors.

Optional RF inter-series adaptors are available to convert the SMA ports to BNC connectors.