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label bkv3
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Label FDB/102-N

FM Double Coaxial Cavity Filter

The Label FDB/102-N is installed between transmitter and antenna, provides an output signal free from spurious and a perfect isolation from other emissions.

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Label FDB/102-N

FDB/102-N Filter FM in cavity Double Rack of low-power version

The Label FDB/102-N is a doubles quarter-wavelength coaxial cavity with a high “Q” with variable coupling. Installed between the transmitter and antenna, provide an output signal spurious free and perfect insulation from other emissions. Made of aluminium, with internal lines made of copper and PTFE insulators, in Rack version 19 “3U.

Label Italy designs and realize a comprehensive range of FM Broadcast Radio Cavity Filters. The Label Italy Bandpass Filters are available for all the FM Operating Band, with a wide choice of sizes, in version at 2 or 3 poles, designed to grant a good spurious rejection.

Broadcasters Warehouse - Labelitaly cavity filters

Filters are fully tunable all over the FM operating band 87,5 – 108Mhz. They are engineered to be easily tuned, using a standardized and limited set of tools.
All our Cavity filters feature a built-in protection against antenna lightning discharges, achieved through a solid DC-Short circuit towards ground on both the input and output couplings.

 FDB/102-N   FDB/103-N 
FREQ. RANGE (MHz) 87.5 – 108 87.5 – 108
IMPEDANCE (Ohm) 50 50
V.S.W.R. < 1.15:1 < 1.15:1
ATTENUATION (dB) < 0.5 < 0.8
POWER (W) 200 250
BANDWIDTH (-3 dB)  (kHz) 500 – 800 500 – 800
WEIGHT (Kg) 13 18
DIMENSIONS (cm) 49×80×13 49×80×26