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Label AKY/3N

3-element Directional Yagi 

The Label AKY/3N directional yagi antenna offers high gain, lightweight and models with a power handling up to 3kW.

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Original price was: €385.Current price is: €365.


Label AKY/3N

The Label AKY/3N is designed to be the best choice when you need to concentrate your signal in a particular direction using a high power antenna, the AKY/3 offers up to 5dB of forward gain.

The high-grade construction and DC short protection will provide peace of mind to stations who want to stay on the air with no tuning or adjustment for any frequency across the FM band. This model antenna is of a broadband design, which allows this antenna to be used with any frequency transmitter.

Our choice for commercial sites is up to 800 Watts, 1500 Watts with two antennas, and 3kW with four antennas. For higher power transmitters or extra gain, we can supply harnesses to stack or bay the AKY/3’s. Even higher power handling with connectors 7/16 and 7/8 EIA are also available.

Please contact sales for more information. A 1kW Watt transmitter with a 4-bay array of AKY3 antennas will provide over 11kW (ERP) of power in the direction of the beam.