Label AKG/11

SKU 108402


FM High Power Dipole Antenna

The Label AKG/11 wideband Dipole antenna is designed for High power applications that demand a small antenna profile. They are 5kW rated and utilize a 7/8 EIA connector.

The Label AKG/11 broadband dipole with a maximum capacity of 5KW and 7/8 ″ type connector, hot-dipped steel, stainless steel or aluminium versions available to order with PTFE insulator and stainless steel fasteners, robust and resistant. Used in any weather condition, all metal parts are grounded for good lightning protection..


Label Italy

For over 20 years, LABEL ITALY has been known for its excellent products in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors. On the basis of experience dating back as far as the Seventies, LABEL ITALY – an entirely Italian Company – has been producing professional antennas and accessories for Radio & Television, Broadcasting, and Telecommunication. Thanks to the company’s valuable knowledge and skills gained over the years, LABEL ITALY is able to offer innovative products and solutions. We provide a service of software design of radiant systems, supplying the lobe of radiation and the forecasts of the field estimate on territory.
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