The Kvarta RDS ENCODER V4 COMPACT is a top-class RDS Encoder that offers a comprehensive set of features aimed at providing dynamic PS and RT text display capabilities, along with support for various applications and commands. Here’s a breakdown of its features:

  1. Support for RDS/RBDS Standards: The encoder supports all groups and features specified in the RDS/RBDS standards, ensuring compatibility and compliance.
  2. UECP Compliance: Fully compliant with the UECP (Universal Encoder Communication Protocol), enabling seamless communication and control.
  3. RT+ Support: Capable of handling RT+ (RadioText+) data, which enhances the transmission of textual information to receivers.
  4. Open Data Applications (ODA) Support: The encoder supports various ODA applications, which expand the services offered to listeners and potentially increase revenue for radio stations/networks.
  5. Embedded Webserver & SNMP: Includes an embedded web server and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) support for configuration and monitoring purposes.
  6. Embedded Scheduler: Features an embedded scheduler for managing and scheduling tasks efficiently.
  7. Scrolling PS/RT: Supports scrolling of Program Service (PS) and RadioText (RT) data, allowing for dynamic and continuous display of textual information.
  8. Digital Level and Phase Adjustment: Utilizes digital adjustment for level and phase, eliminating the need for trimmers or potentiometers.
  9. Remote Monitoring: Enables remote monitoring of the encoder’s status and performance.
  10. Multiple TCP/UDP Ports: Equipped with four TCP/UDP ports for handling UECP/ASCII commands, offering flexibility in command communication.

Additionally, the encoder supports various ODA applications, including:

  • TMC (Traffic Message Channel): Delivers real-time traffic information and voice messages directly to users’ satellite navigation systems.
  • Paging Remote Control Applications: Supports applications such as street lighting and billboards, offering advanced remote monitoring capabilities and configuration options.

Overall, the Kvarta RDS ENCODER V4 COMPACT is a versatile and feature-rich solution for broadcasting stations looking to enhance their RDS/RBDS capabilities and support additional applications for improved service delivery.