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Inovonics RK-00

19″ Mounting Rack

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The Inovonics RK-00 is a 19-inch mounting rack designed to accommodate Inovonics’ 1/3-rack-sized units or a combination of 1/3-rack and 1/2-rack-sized units such as NOVIAs, SOFIAs, 610s, or any other compatible units. Here’s an overview of its features:


  1. Versatile Mounting Options: The rack can accommodate different product combinations:
    • Three INOmini’s 1/3-rack sized units
    • Two 1/2-rack sized units (e.g., NOVIAs, SOFIAs, or 610s)
    • Any combination of one INOmini with one 1/2-rack size unit.
  2. Standard 19″ 1U Form Factor: Fits into standard 19-inch racks with a height of 1U.
  3. Blanking Panels: Includes two 1/3-rack blanking panels, one 1/2-rack blanking panel, and one spacer blanking panel (for racks with one 1/3 Rack and one 1/2 Rack unit).
  4. Daisy Chain Power Cables: Includes two “Daisy Chain” power cables for linking power between multiple units, providing a tidy and efficient power setup.


  • Material: Made of steel with a black powder coat finish for durability and aesthetics.

The Inovonics RK-00 offers a convenient and professional mounting solution for various Inovonics units, allowing for easy integration into rack setups while providing the necessary accessories for a streamlined installation process.