Inovonics PA-00

PASSIVE AM Loop Antenna


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The Inovonics PA-00 Passive AM Loop Antenna is designed to enhance reception when paired with specific Inovonics models, including the 525N, 567, 637, and 674. It comes equipped with mounting brackets for easy installation.

Key features of the PA-00 Passive Loop Antenna include:

  1. Mounting Brackets: The antenna includes mounting brackets, simplifying the installation process.
  2. Compatibility: It is recommended for optimal reception with select Inovonics models: 525N, 567, 637, and 674.
  3. Accessory Item: While the PA-00 is shipped complete with the 525N AM Modulation Monitor, it is considered an accessory item for all other compatible products and needs to be ordered separately for those models.

Overall, the PA-00 Passive AM Loop Antenna is a convenient solution for improving reception in conjunction with compatible Inovonics monitoring equipment.