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Inovonics NOVIA 262

Dual-Mode Stereo Audio Processor


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Introducing the Inovonics NOVIA 262 Dual-Mode Stereo Audio Processor

Enhance your FM and Stereo Audio Production with the cutting-edge NOVIA 262 Dual-Mode Stereo Audio Processor by Inovonics. Designed to deliver unparalleled audio quality and versatility, this half-rack digital audio processor is the ultimate solution for broadcasters and audio professionals.

Unmatched Audio Control

The NOVIA 262 boasts a powerful parametric equalizer that provides seamless control over the frequency content of your audio signal. With three bands of dynamic compression and selectable crossovers, you can fine-tune your audio to perfection.

Intuitive Setup and Operation

We understand the importance of ease-of-use, which is why the NOVIA 262 features an intuitive, multi-language menu-driven setup. Plus, with an IP/browser interface compatible with any PC or mobile device, controlling and monitoring your audio has never been easier. Multiple factory and user-defined processing presets streamline the setup process, ensuring optimal performance with minimal effort.

Seamless Connectivity

Experience seamless connectivity with the NOVIA 262. Accepting both program line and streaming inputs, this versatile processor allows for remote IP audio monitoring, giving you complete control over your audio from anywhere.

Feature Highlights:

  • Gated and ‘windowed’ gain-riding AGC
  • Unique, adjustable ‘syllabic leveling’
  • 3 bands of dynamic compression with selectable crossovers
  • 4 sections of parametric EQ plus an effective ‘Bass Punch’ feature
  • Independent ‘Density’ and ‘Smooth/Loud’ adjustments
  • GPIOs, Web/email/SNMP for controls and alarms
  • Built-in real-time clock and headphone jack
  • Selectable 20kHz-wideband and FM-specific processing

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Response (processing bypassed): Flat mode analog (I/O): 50Hz – 20kHz, ±0.25dB
  • Distortion (processing bypassed): Analog I/O: <0.02% THD (ref: +24dBu I/O)
  • Signal-to-Noise (processing bypassed): Analog I/O: >105dB (ref: +24dBu I/O)
  • Separation: Analog I/O: >100dB, 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Program Line Inputs: Analog: active-balanced (XLR) accepts line levels from –15dBu to +15dBu; +24dBu clipping, Impedance is 600 ohms
  • Network Port: TCP/IP network connection (RJ45) for remote setup/operation and in/out audio streaming; full support for SNMP control

Reliable Performance

With a compact design and robust construction, the NOVIA 262 is built to withstand the demands of professional audio environments. Plus, with its wide operating temperature range and high humidity tolerance, you can trust this processor to deliver reliable performance in any condition.

Experience the Difference

Elevate your audio production with the unparalleled performance and versatility of the Inovonics NOVIA 262 Dual-Mode Stereo Audio Processor. Whether you’re a broadcaster, audio engineer, or content creator, the NOVIA 262 is the ultimate tool for achieving pristine audio quality and unmatched control.