Inovonics AARON 650

FM Rebroadcast Receiver

The Inovonics AARON 650 is our totally-new FM rebroadcast/translator receiver, built to handle the most challenging reception scenarios.



The Inovonics AARON 650 FM Rebroadcast Receiver is a high-performance device designed for handling challenging reception scenarios in FM rebroadcasting and translation applications. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and specifications:


  1. Receiver Performance: Utilizes DSP-based technology for superior sensitivity and selectivity, surpassing professional and consumer receivers.
  2. Operation Modes:
    • Composite Pass-Through: Eliminates retransmission delay for minimal latency.
    • Composite Regeneration: Reconstructs baseband signal for reduced noise, with the ability to modify RDS messaging.
  3. Inputs and Outputs:
    • Dual Antenna Inputs (N connectors) and Dual Composite Outputs (independently adjustable).
    • Balanced Analog and AES-Digital Audio Outputs.
  4. Reception Processing: Active processing for bandwidth, stereo blend, HF blending, and more.
  5. Extended FM Band Tuning Range: Covers 64MHz to 108MHz.
  6. Advanced Metering: Includes FFT Spectrum Analyzer, XY plots, and audio level monitoring.
  7. Local and Remote Alarms: Detects audio loss, RF loss, and RDS loss with self-logging alarms and online notifications via email or SMS.
  8. Failover Audio Backup: Utilizes SD Card or web-stream for backup in case of signal loss.
  9. Web Interface: Responsive interface for setup, control, and monitoring from PC, tablet, or smartphone with built-in Dynamic DNS utility.
  10. Off-Air Metering Tools: FM BandScanner and FFT of the MPX region for onsite RF spectrum analysis.
  11. SNMP Remote Monitoring and Control: Enables remote monitoring and control via SNMP.


  1. Tuning Range: Extended FM band from 65.0MHz to 108.0MHz.
  2. Sensitivity/Noise Performance: Dependent on RF input levels, with varying SNR for digital and analog outputs.
  3. Selectivity: Selectable IF bandwidths ranging from 56kHz to 311kHz.
  4. Frequency Response: ±0.5dB for Composite/MPX Output (pass-through), >±0.2dB for AES Digital & L/R Analog Line Outputs.
  5. Stereo Separation: >45dB for Composite/MPX Output in pass-through mode, >50dB in MPX-regeneration mode.
  6. Program Signal Latency: <250μs for Composite/MPX Output in pass-through mode, <2.4ms in MPX-regeneration mode.
  7. Regional Settings: Adjustable tuning steps, de-emphasis options, and RDS settings.
  8. Rear-Panel Appointments: Including Antenna Inputs, Digital and Analog Line Outputs, Composite/MPX Outputs, USB Port, Network Port, and Headphone Jack.
  9. Failover Audio Protection: Offers audio backup upon loss of carrier, program audio, or RDS hijacking.
  10. Audio Processing Features: Includes composite clipping and handling of stereo pilot and RDS subcarrier.
  11. User Interface: Front-panel display and jog wheel, along with remote setup and operation via IP network port.
  12. Miscellaneous: Test tone generator, AC mains requirements, size, weight, and environmental specifications for operation.

Overall, the Inovonics AARON 650 FM Rebroadcast Receiver provides comprehensive features and robust performance for demanding FM rebroadcasting applications.