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Inovonics 676

NOAA Weather Receiver

The Inovonics 676 tunes all US and Canadian weather band frequencies and responds to the 1050Hz Warning Alarm Tone (WAT).

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The INOmini 676 by Inovonics is a compact, second-generation off-air radio receiver designed specifically for receiving NOAA weather information and alerts. Here are its key features and specifications:


  1. Frequency Range: Covers all US and Canadian weather band frequencies from 162.400MHz to 162.550MHz.
  2. Alarm Responses: Responds to the 1050Hz Warning Alarm Tone (WAT) and provides front-panel and remote alarm indications for WAT, Low Signal, and Audio Loss conditions.
  3. Audio Outputs: Offers both balanced analog (XLR) and AES digital (XLR) audio outputs with adjustable levels, suitable for re-transmission.
  4. Receiver Setup: All setup parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, and free firmware updates can be easily installed in the field.
  5. Flashing Alarms: Features flashing-red front-panel alarms and rear-panel ‘tallies’ for various conditions.
  6. Antenna Input: Accepts a 75-ohm F connector.
  7. Power Requirement: Operates on 12VDC at 350mA, with a universal 90 – 240 VAC inline switching power supply included.


  1. Tuning Range: 162.400MHz – 162.550MHz in 25kHz steps; AFC compensates for transmitter frequency errors.
  2. Reception Mode: Narrowband FM (NBFM).
  3. Audio Bandwidth: –3dB, 300Hz – 3kHz with automatic dynamic bandwidth filter for poor reception conditions.
  4. Speech Audio Outputs: Balanced Analog (XLR) Left and Right outputs, AES Digital (XLR) output at 44.1kHz, and a headphone jack (3.5mm TRS) with adjustable listening level.
  5. Front-Panel Alarms: Includes alarms for Alert Tone, Low Signal, and Audio Loss, with adjustable thresholds and delay intervals.
  6. USB Port: Front-panel mini-USB port for quick firmware updates.
  7. Mounting Options: Can be rack-mounted with an optional rack adapter or fastened to any surface with screws.
  8. Size and Weight: 1.6”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D; 4 lbs. shipping weight.

This receiver is designed to provide reliable reception of NOAA weather information and alerts, with features for easy integration into various setups and environments.