Inovonics 674

INOmini AM Broadcast Monitor/Receiver

The Inovonics 674 is their’second-generation, small form-factor AM broadcast receiver for professional applications.

Original price was: €1,025.Current price is: €965.

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The Inovonics 674 is a second-generation, compact AM broadcast receiver designed for professional use, offering features suitable for confidence monitoring and program distribution within broadcast facilities. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and specifications:


  1. Confidence Monitoring: The INOmini 674 serves as a confidence monitor with alarms to indicate transmission issues, ensuring reliable broadcast quality.
  2. Audio Feed: It delivers high-quality audio feed for program distribution throughout the broadcast facility.
  3. Easy Setup: Front-panel setup is facilitated through jog-wheel menu navigation and a large color LCD display, making it user-friendly.
  4. Balanced Analog and AES Digital Outputs: Provides adjustable balanced analog (XLR) and AES digital (XLR) audio outputs, separately adjustable for levels, and can be used simultaneously.
  5. Alarms: Front-panel flashing-red alarms and rear-panel ‘tallies’ indicate Carrier Loss and Audio Program Loss, enhancing monitoring capabilities.
  6. Non-volatile Memory: All receiver setup parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, ensuring settings are retained even during power cycles.
  7. Firmware Updates: Free firmware updates are easily installed in the field via the front-panel mini-USB port.


  1. Tuning Range: Covers 520kHz – 1710kHz in 10kHz steps for the western-hemisphere broadcast band or 531kHz – 1611kHz in 9kHz steps for the European-standard band.
  2. Antenna Input: Features a transformer-isolated 50Ω (F) input, with an optional passive outdoor loop antenna available.
  3. Sensitivity/SNR: Offers high sensitivity with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 50dB at 10µV and 60dB at 1mV.
  4. Audio Bandwidth: Selectable bandwidth options include 6kHz, 4kHz, 3kHz, and 2kHz, with adjustable de-emphasis settings.
  5. Program Audio Outputs: Provides balanced analog (XLR) dual-mono outputs and an AES digital (XLR) output, both with adjustable levels, along with a headphone jack for monitoring.
  6. Front-Panel Alarms: Adjustable thresholds for Audio Loss and Low Signal alarms, with customizable alarm tallies.
  7. Power Requirement: Operates on 12VDC at 275mA, with a universal 90 – 240 VAC inline switching power supply included.
  8. Mounting Options: Can be rack-mounted using an optional rack adapter or fastened to any surface with two screws.
  9. Size and Weight: Compact dimensions of 1.6”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D, with a shipping weight of 4 lbs.

Overall, the Inovonics 674 offers a comprehensive solution for AM broadcast monitoring and distribution, combining ease of use with professional-grade features.