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Inovonics 662

INOmini DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer™

The new Web-enabled Inovonics  662 DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer™ provides remote audio monitoring via the Internet.

Original price was: €1,055.Current price is: €995.


Introducing the Inovonics 662 DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer™, a cutting-edge solution for remote audio monitoring via the Internet. This Web-enabled device allows you to monitor up to 30 preset sources of DAB+ programming from any location, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience for broadcasters and audio professionals.

Key Features:

  • Remote Monitoring: The Inovonics 662 DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer™ enables remote audio monitoring via the Internet, allowing users to tune in, switch modes, and listen remotely via streamed audio from any remote site.
  • Station Rotation™: The Station Rotation™ feature allows monitoring of station presets by ’round-robin’ sequencing of up to 30 stations, each with its specific alarm parameters, ensuring comprehensive coverage and monitoring capabilities.
  • BandScanner™: The BandScanner™ feature provides a spectrum plot of all or part of Band III, offering detailed insights into signal strength and quality.
  • AES Digital AUX Input: The device features an AES3 (XLR) digital AUX input that can monitor hardwired audio program feeds A/B between source and air, providing versatility in audio monitoring options.
  • Web Interface: Enjoy full dynamic browser support of all operating features, including audio streaming through the dynamic Web Interface, providing a user-friendly experience for setup and operation.
  • Alarm Notifications: Receive instant error messages via email or SMS text, and log signal loss, audio loss, DAB/DAB+ loss for comprehensive monitoring and alerting.


  • Tuning Range: Covers DAB Band III, Mode I (174.928MHz- 239.200MHz), including all EBU-specified frequency allocations, ensuring comprehensive reception.
  • Receiver Sensitivity: Boasting a sensitivity of 10μV for error-free reception, the device delivers reliable performance in various broadcasting environments.
  • Antenna Input: Equipped with a 75-ohm (BNC) antenna input for seamless integration into existing setups.
  • Audio Codecs: Supports MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 (MP2) and HE-AAC (AAC+), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio formats.
  • Network Connection: Features an RJ45 jack that accepts universal TCP/IP connector to LAN/router/Internet, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  • Alarm Logs: Alarms are logged and may be downloaded as daily, weekly, or monthly CSV files, providing detailed insights into system performance.
  • Power Requirement: Requires +12VDC at 110mA, with a universal inline switchmode power supply provided for convenience.
  • Mounting Options: Optional rack adapter accepts up to three INOmini modules in a 1U rack space, providing flexible installation options.
  • Size and Weight: With dimensions of 1.6”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D and a shipping weight of 4 lbs, the device offers a compact and lightweight design for easy integration.

The Inovonics 662 DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer™ redefines remote audio monitoring with its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and reliable performance, making it an essential tool for broadcasters and audio professionals.