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Inovonics 637

Medium-wave AM broadcast receiver

Original price was: €1,055.Current price is: €995.

Original price was: €1,055.Current price is: €995.
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Original price was: €435.Current price is: €415.


The Inovonics 637 SiteStreamer™ is a versatile medium-wave AM broadcast receiver designed for remote signal monitoring. Here are some key features and specifications:


  1. Remote Monitoring: Allows monitoring of AM broadcasts from any remote location with an internet connection.
  2. BandScanner™: Displays a spectrum plot of all or part of the AM broadcast band.
  3. Station Rotation™: Monitors multiple station presets by ’round robin’ sequencing with specific alarm parameters for each station.
  4. AES Digital AUX Input: Supports monitoring of hardwired audio program feeds with A/B switching between source and air.
  5. Web Interface: Dynamic browser support for all operating features, including audio streaming and setup options.
  6. Alarm Notifications: Sends instant error messages via email or SMS text and logs signal and audio loss.
  7. Easy Setup and Operation: Simple installation and configuration with full SNMP support.
  8. Headphone Jack: Front-panel headphone jack for monitoring audio locally.


  • Tuning Range: 520kHz to 1710kHz in 10kHz steps or 531kHz to 1611kHz in 9kHz steps.
  • Antenna Input: Isolated F connector for passive outdoor loop antenna (not included).
  • Receiver Sensitivity: ≤100μV for 40dB SNR with 6kHz BW.
  • Audio Response: Selectable (-6dB) options include 6kHz, 4kHz, 3kHz, 2kHz.
  • Program Line Input: Active-balanced (XLR) stereo left/right or dual-monaural analog AUX inputs with selectable reference levels.
  • Network Connection: LAN (RJ45) jack for TCP/IP connection to Local Area Network and the internet via router.
  • Alarms: Supports low signal and audio loss alarms.
  • Power Requirement: 12VDC at 110mA with included inline switchmode power supply.
  • Mounting Options: Optional rack adapter available for mounting in standard 19-inch, 1U rack space.
  • Size and Weight: 1.6”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D; 4 lbs. shipping weight.
  • Environmental: Operates continuously at ambient temperatures between 32ºF/0ºC and 122ºF/50ºC, with 0-95% relative humidity and altitude tolerance up to 10,000ft/3,048m.

Overall, the Inovonics 637 SiteStreamer™ offers comprehensive remote monitoring capabilities for AM broadcasts with a user-friendly interface and robust technical specifications.