Inovonics 531N

FM Modulation Monitor

The Inovonics 531N FM modulation monitor is frequency-agile with remote tuning and shows total-mod, stereo audio, subcarriers and more!

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Inovonics 531N

The Inovonics 531N incorporates all the necessary features for station setup and regulatory compliance at an affordable price, Inovonics’ 531 is the undisputed professional’s choice in FM Monitoring. Dependable, direct input and off-air reception lets you keep a sharp eye on your total RF signal performance and essential multiplex measurements.

The high-resolution LED bar graph displays are easy to read, and a “floating dot” program peak marker eliminates any ambiguity in the total-mod measurement. Off-air readings are qualified by Inovonics’ exclusive multipath indicator, which also aids in antenna alignment during initial station build-outs. In addition, readouts of signal strength and synchronous AM noise qualify the incoming signal and validate measurements.

Multiple alarm tallies enable remote indications of various transmission and reception faults, and full display of subcarrier injection levels ensure proper setup when broadcasting RDS (Radio Data System) messaging and other subcarriers.