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Glensound VIRGIL BC

Stereo Dante Headphone Amp With Belt Clip

The Glensound VIRGIL BC is a clever little headphone amplifier for providing crystal clear audio into studio & broadcast headphones.

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Introducing the Glensound VIRGIL BC – your go-to Stereo Dante Headphone Amp With Belt Clip. Inspired by the Roman poet who guided Dante through Hell and Purgatory, the Glensound Virgil is a compact powerhouse designed for crystal-clear audio in both studio and broadcast settings.

Key Features:

1. Compact & Robust Design: Housed in a small and robust format, the Virgil BC is tailor-made for studios, ensuring a durable and reliable performance wherever a headphone circuit is needed.

2. Seamless Dante Integration: Acting as a bridge between Dante network audio systems and user headphones, the Virgil BC simplifies audio connectivity with a user-friendly interface.

3. Automatic Output Level Adjustment: Featuring Glensound’s unique headphone amplifier circuit, the Virgil BC automatically adjusts output levels to match the impedance of connected headphones. This ensures consistent volume, crucial for both low and high impedance headphones.

4. Dual Audio Circuit Routing: Virgil receives 2 x audio circuits from a Dante network, directing one to the left channel and the other to the right channel of the headphone amplifier. The result? Impeccable stereo sound.

5. Front Panel Volume Control: Take control of your audio experience with the front panel volume control, allowing users to easily adjust the output volume to their preference.

6. Under Desk Mounting: Designed for convenience, the Virgil BC comes with three mounting holes for secure under-desk placement, optimizing your studio space.

7. Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Convenience: Simplify installation with just one network cable carrying both power and audio to the Virgil BC, thanks to its PoE compatibility.

8. Versatile Headphone Compatibility: From stereo headphones to mono earpieces, the Virgil BC’s unique headphone amplifier circuit caters to both, making it ideal for driving television presenters’ earpieces.

9. Belt Clip Inclusion: For on-the-go flexibility, the Virgil BC comes equipped with a belt clip, ensuring that crystal-clear audio is at your fingertips wherever you are.

Upgrade your audio game with the Glensound VIRGIL BC – a compact, feature-packed solution for audio excellence in any broadcast or studio environment. Immerse yourself in quality and convenience with the Virgil BC Stereo Dante Headphone Amp. Get yours today!