Glensound Talent Box MK11 V1

Single unit commentary system

The Glensound Talent Box MK11 V1 is the next generation of single unit commentary systems.


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Glensound Talent Box MK11 V1

The Glensound Talent Box MK11 V1 is the next generation of single unit commentary systems. Digital in both control and internal audio circuits with extended positions, gives each commentator their own remote control unit. A web page allows an engineer to remotely control incoming audio levels – a first for a single unit commentary box. Talent Boxes can also link for multiple commentator systems.

TALENT BOX/1: This version features analogue inputs and outputs with electronic balancing

Three front panel inputs on XLR are mic/line switchable. Input B has an additional parallel input on a 3.5 mm jack socket. There is an adjustable gain control and a phantom power switch to add 12v or 48v phantom power (this can be locked on/off in the configuration menu). The mic on/off button can also be configured as a cough button. The inputs have a configurable compressor/limiter.

There are three direct outputs of the mic/line inputs. These are at adjustable level with optional limiter. There are two configurable master outputs, that are a mix of the three inputs. An unbalanced 3.5 mm jack socket is available as a local record out. There are three common talkback outputs with Config+ push buttons, which are level adjustable to match an external talkback system. A digital line ident is provided and is controllable via a rear panel switch, which gives a looped message and 1.6kHz tone to the outputs.

Analogue or Digital I/O options
The Talent box can be supplied with digital I/O (balanced AES3 (96kHz or follow AES I/P 1)) or with analogue I/O.
There are 3 options for analogue I/O:
Version 1: Has electronically balanced inputs & outputs
Version 2: Has electronically balanced inputs & transformer balanced outputs
Version 3: Has transformer balanced inputs & outputs, with very high quality Lundhall transformers on the main outputs.

With two fully featured commentators’ positions A and C, the centre B position has no access to the talkback circuits (unless using an external remote) and can choose to share monitoring with commentator A or B. The three headphone connections are via front panel 6.35 mm jack sockets. There are five variable pots for external source level mixing, one pot for the commentator’s sidetone, and one for monitoring the other two inputs. Each of these inputs (ex sidetone) has soft headphone switching between left/both/right ears. Two of the external source pots can be linked to a single pot to provide a control for an incoming stereo signal – useful for the commentator to monitor dual channel international sound. Incoming talkbacks have LEDs that illuminate if audio is detected, for operators to identify the talkback source.

CMBuss System Linking
This facilitates the linking of multiple Talent Boxes, allowing programme and talkback inputs and outputs to connect to a single unit, but be shared across all connected units. Multiple commentators can therefore be added to a single programme – 30 or more if required! All mixed programme outputs on every connected Talent Box will be a mix of every input from every box. Individual direct outputs are still available on each individual box. CMBus features link technology only available to Glensound which provides quick, trouble free linking in harsh outside broadcast environments.

The Talent Box is the next generation of single unit commentary, where multiple Talent Box’s can be linked to accommodate up to 30 commentators! CAT5 connections link the talkback, monitoring, and programme output buses with multiple units by simply daisy-chaining together if required. Glensound achieved this by developing the ‘Current Mixing System’ (CMBus) allowing the inputs on any individual system to be mixed into the common main programme, talkback, and monitoring buses while maintaining low noise. Unlike traditional voltage mix techniques, the Glensound CMBus system is not susceptible to noise and interference that are prevalent in outside broadcast environments.

The talkback and monitoring inputs need only be connected to one unit in order for the CMBus to deliver their audio circuits to the relevant headphone feeds in all units. If duplicate monitoring inputs are connected on different boxes, the CMBus will mix them together, enabling all commentators to monitor the source. A main programme output can be taken for any or all of the individual units. Direct outputs are not carried on the CMBus, although are available individually on each unit if required.

Link Talent Boxes for up to 30 commentators on a single programme and share monitoring and Talkback
The CMBus utilises three standard RJ45 cables for linking two boxes together, which are broken down in such a way that allows sets of sources to be isolated on individual boxes. This makes the Talent Box’s CMBus system a truly versatile solution for multiple commentator applications.

Remote Control / Other
A network connection, on CAT5, allows an engineer on a remote web browser to connect and adjust the input gain levels. Configuration settings on the Talent Box can be locked by the engineer to avoid unwanted changes.