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Glensound Signature SD1+

Silence Detector

The Glensound Signature SD1+ is a silence detector used to switch audio to a backup source when the primary audio source falls below accepted silence thresholds in level or time.

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Glensound Signature SD1+ – Silence Detector:

The Glensound Signature SD1+ is a silence detector designed to switch audio to a backup source when the primary audio source falls below accepted silence thresholds in level or time. Here are its features and specifications:

1. Silence Detection Parameters:

  • Threshold for detecting drops in audio level configurable between -60dB to -10dB.
  • Configurable fail delay time between 5 seconds and 5 minutes.
  • GPO (General Purpose Output) triggered when the audio switches to the backup source, alerting the engineering department.
  • Silent switching between primary and backup sources.

2. Intelligent Modes:

  • Automatic mode: Switches back to the main input after a configurable recovery delay (5-60 seconds) once sustained audio level returns.
  • Manual mode: Requires manual selection of the main input via the front panel or a GPI switch.

3. Stereo or Dual Mono Operation:

  • Can monitor a single stereo source and switch the output to a backup source in the event of a silence condition.
  • Alternatively, it can act as a dual mono silence detector, independently switching two mono sources to their own backup audio.

4. Audio Connections:

  • Stereo audio connections via analog XLRs.
  • Input pairs for the primary and backup sources.
  • Backup source can be selected at 0dB or +10dB for compatibility with various audio sources.

5. Smart Fail & Smart Recovery:

  • Smart recovery mode prevents pops and clicks from triggering premature recovery switch back to the main input.
  • Configurable wait time allows full audio recovery before switching back to the primary source.

6. Loops:

  • A 25-way D-type connector contains GPIOs for output remote starts, alarms, and input switching.
  • GPOs indicate if the primary or backup input is active, serving as an alarm for backup switch activation.

7. Configuration Screen:

  • Front panel screen provides visual feedback of input status and the fail/recovery timer.
  • Accesses the menu for configuration.

8. Bypass Relays:

  • In the event of power failure, bypass relays switch the primary audio input directly to the audio output, ensuring no loss of audio.

9. Power Supply:

  • Internal switch mode AC power supply (100-240V) with an IEC connection.
  • External ±12V DC input for connection to the Signature PS1 Power Station as the primary or backup power supply.

Signature Series Standard Features:

  • 19″ Rack Mount Ears: Rack-mountable in a 1U 19” rack with included rack ears.
  • Front or Rear Mounting: Can be rack-mounted via the front or rear panel.
  • Side Wings for Flat Surface Mounting: Side wings with mounting holes for flush fixing from above or underneath.
  • Internal Switch Mode AC Power Supply: Worldwide power connections from 100-240V via an IEC socket.
  • 12V DC Power Connection: 4-pin XLR ±12V DC socket for connection to the PS1 Power Station.
  • Quick Find Manual: QR code for quick access to the manual and technical information.
  • Neutral Color Scheme: Complements equipment scheme, modern design.
  • Rack Screws Included: Included for easy installation.
  • Stereo or Dual Mono Operation: Configurable threshold and time settings.
  • GPIO Loops: For alarm outs or external switching.
  • Smart Fail & Smart Recovery Modes.
  • Bypass Relays.
  • Analog Audio I/O: Stereo analog XLR connections.

The Glensound Signature SD1+ provides a comprehensive solution for ensuring continuous audio in broadcast environments, featuring intelligent switching, configurability, and compatibility with various audio sources.