Glensound Signature DDA 1:6

1 Input, 6 Outputs, AES Distribution Amp

SKU: 105454



Glensound Signature DDA 1:6 – AES Distribution Amplifier

Unlock seamless distribution of digital AES signals with the Glensound Signature DDA 1:6, a highly efficient and cost-effective AES Distribution Amplifier designed for professional audio setups. Explore its robust features and flexible functionality below.

Key Features:

  • Input and Outputs:
    • 1 AES input
    • 6 AES outputs
    • XLR connectors for all I/O on the rear panel
  • Distribution Flexibility:
    • Outputs can pass through without normalization, ensuring synchronization.
    • Option to re-normalize all output signals, with awareness that re-normalization incurs a one-sample cost.
  • Precise Monitoring:
    • Front panel headphone monitoring via a 6.35mm stereo jack socket.
    • Variable level pot for real-time monitoring of the incoming audio signal.
  • Intuitive Indicators:
    • LED indicators for quick visual feedback on AES lock status and potential AES errors.

Signature Series Standard Features:

  • Versatile Mounting Options:
    • 19″ rack mount ears included, occupying 1U of rack space.
    • Front or rear mounting for enhanced flexibility.
    • Side wings with mounting holes for secure flush fixing from above or underneath on flat surfaces.
  • Global Power Compatibility:
    • Internal switch-mode AC power supply supporting worldwide power connections (100-240V) via an IEC socket.
    • 12V DC power connection with a 4-pin XLR, offering primary or backup power source capabilities.
  • Efficient Power Management:
    • Integrated power station (PS1) compatibility for streamlined power distribution.
  • Quick Access Documentation:
    • QR code for swift access to the manual and technical information.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design:
    • Neutral color scheme to seamlessly integrate with various equipment setups.
    • Optional black finish for a sleek, modern look.
  • Inclusive Accessories:
    • Rack screws included for hassle-free installation.


The Glensound Signature DDA 1:6 stands out as an essential component for professionals requiring reliable AES signal distribution. With its feature-rich design, monitoring capabilities, and global compatibility, it ensures optimal performance in diverse audio environments. Elevate your audio distribution setup with this cutting-edge AES Distribution Amplifier.