Glensound INFERNO

Single Commentator’s Box For Dante Audio Networks

SKU: 102485



The Glensound INFERNO is a single commentator’s box designed for Dante audio networks, with the flexibility to connect directly to a Dante-compatible network or to Glensound’s DARK or AoIP44 break out boxes. Here are the key features and functionalities:

1. Dante Network Connectivity:

  • Connects to Dante audio networks for compatibility with various audio routers, consoles, and intercom systems.
  • Primary and secondary Dante network connections for redundancy.

2. Connection to DARK or AoIP44 Break Out Boxes:

  • Can be used outside of a dedicated Dante network when connected to Glensound’s DARK or AoIP44 break out boxes.
  • Allows audio inputs and outputs to be located separately from the INFERNO unit.

3. Programmable on a Dante Audio Network:

  • Configurable sources and destinations from any part of the Dante network using the free Dante controller software.

4. Seven Talkback Circuits:

  • Seven illuminated talkback buttons route the audio input to 7 different destinations.
  • Ability to remove the audio from the main program output.

5. Eight Input Headphone Mixer:

  • Eight level controls for monitoring mix of seven external sources plus sidetone.
  • Independent selection of each input to the user’s left ear, right ear, or both ears.
  • Headphone connection available on 3.5mm and 6.35mm jack sockets.

6. Single Input:

  • Switchable line/mic/48v input on the rear panel with adjustable input gain.
  • Features Glensound’s Referee compressor limiter system to prevent clipping.

7. Remote Control:

  • Web server functionality for remote control from any PC connected to the network via a web browser.
  • Remote control includes front-end mic gain adjustment and push button configuration options.

8. 15 Segment LED PPM Meter:

  • Audio input level indication on the 15-segment LED PPM meter.

9. Power Options:

  • Powered via the network audio connection if it conforms to the PoE (Power over Ethernet) standard.
  • Internal 100v-240v mains supply.

10. Scalable Commentary:

  • Scalable system that starts with one INFERNO into a Dante network.
  • Additional INFERNO units can be added at any time for a multi-commentator system.
  • Use of DARK units for a simple point-to-point networked audio break-out box.
  • System scalability with multiple commentators as part of a Dante network.
  • Can connect to any Dante-compatible network or directly to Glensound’s DARK units.

In summary, the Glensound INFERNO offers a comprehensive solution for single-commentator setups within Dante audio networks, with flexibility in connectivity, remote control, and scalability for expanding commentator systems.