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Glensound GS-PASTE 201

Telephone Balancing Unit

The Glensound GS-PASTE 201 range covers line powered, heavy duty analogue telephone balancing units.

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Introducing the Glensound GS-PASTE 201, a robust line-powered analogue telephone balancing unit designed for seamless integration with professional audio equipment, such as mixers, talkback systems, or headphone circuits, through a traditional analogue telephone line.

Key Features:

Line Balancing:

  • The GS-PASTE201 is equipped with a tone generator to assist in line balancing. Upon connecting a line, the tone can be activated, allowing for the adjustment of R (Resistance) and C (Capacitance) to achieve optimal balance. Instructions for this process are conveniently printed on the unit’s side.

Call Indicators:

  • A front panel LED provides a visual cue for incoming calls, ensuring prompt awareness. Additionally, an audible ringer is included, with the option to be turned off as needed.


  • Inputs: The audio input is at line level through a balanced Neutrik XLR, featuring an input level control. A multi-colored LED indicates the level sent to the line.
  • Outputs: Audio output is facilitated through a balanced Neutrik XLR, with a corresponding output level control.
  • Telco Connections: The unit includes an RJ-11 connector for an external handset, allowing dialing for outgoing calls. An On/Off Hook switch, accompanied by an indicator, permits call answering when an external telephone is not connected. Another RJ-11 connector is available for connection to a normal telephone line, with a recessed switch ensuring compatibility with worldwide standards.

Dimensions and Rackmount Option:

  • Maximum Dimensions (excluding belt clip): 153 mm x 103 mm x 45mm
  • Weight: 415g
  • The Glensound GS-PASTE 201 is available in a 1U 19″ rackmount version, offering flexibility with options for single (GS-PASTE201/R1) or dual (GS-PASTE201/R2) module installations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Provides balanced audio input and output from a normal POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) line
  • No batteries or mains required
  • Input compressor to prevent overloading of the telephone line
  • R/C and line balance controls
  • Internal tone generator for line balancing

Tested and compliant with ETSI ES203021#, the GS-PASTE 201 is a versatile solution ensuring balanced audio quality and compatibility with telephone systems, with the added convenience of a rackmount option for streamlined installations.