Glensound GS-MPIHD/NTK

N-type Aerial Upgrade

The Glensound GS-MPIHD/NTK is an antenna upgrade for the broadcaster mobile phone range.

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Glensound GS-MPIHD/NTK

The Glensound GS-MPIHD/NTK offers an aerial upgrade modification for HD units to replace the SMA connection. This allows aerial placement up to 50 m away. To allow for antenna connections over 3 metres from the rack mount Broadcasters’ Mobile Phones, a ‘N-Type Antenna Upgrade Kit’ is required. This consists of a bulkhead connector, male and female N-type connector for the cable and the N-Type mast mounting antenna, then add the length of the appropriate cable, either GS-MPIHD/NA1 (up to 25 m) or GS-MPIHD/NA2 (up to 50 m).