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Glensound GS-MM83

Audio Monitor 

The Glensound GS-MM83 is an 8 mono and 3 stereo input audio monitor 1u subrack (sometimes referred to as a pre hear unit).

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Introducing the Glensound GS-MM83, an advanced 1U subrack audio monitor with eight mono inputs and three stereo inputs, designed to meet the demands of production environments. Commonly referred to as a pre-hear unit, the GS-MM83 empowers production personnel by offering precise control and monitoring capabilities for various program and communication sources.

Front Panel: Moving from left to right, the first eight potentiometers control mono sources, each equipped with indicators for signal presence and left/right/both signal routing switches. The final three potentiometers manage stereo sources, featuring indicators for signal presence, left/right/both signal routing switches, and dedicated left only, both, right only signal routing switches for individual stereo inputs.

The front panel includes a loudspeaker, driven via a DSP, with volume control, cut switch, dim switch, and a dim level control for activating front or external dim switches. Both 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphone outputs come with potentiometers for dual-output control, and the insertion of headphones automatically mutes the front panel loudspeaker.

Rear Panel: All rear panel balanced inputs, except input 9 (3.5mm stereo jack socket), utilize 3-pin XLR connectors. Output options on the rear panel include a pair of stereo 3-pin XLRs for unpowered monitor loudspeakers and terminals for an external loudspeaker power source. Switches on the rear panel determine whether the front or rear loudspeakers are active, and a second switch selects the preset equalization mode based on the user’s loudspeaker preferences. Potentiometers provide control over the three separate loudspeaker outputs on the GS-MM83.

A 9-pin D-type connector facilitates remote control of the cut and dim functions on the GS-MM83 monitor panel, with specific pin connections detailed as follows:

  • Pins 6,2 = External cut loop
  • Pins 3,8 = External dim loop
  • Pins 1 = Chassis

DSP: At the core of the GS-MM83 lies a powerful DSP, controlling signal paths to loudspeaker outputs and logic functions such as cut and dim. Optimized filters ensure optimal performance for voice or music, with a third position offering a flat EQ response if needed. EQ functionality is easily adjusted using the rear panel switch and indicators.

PSU: The GS-MM83 is powered by a high-quality switch-mode supply, requiring an external supply of 100-240V AC and 50/60Hz.

Key Features:

  • Audio monitor mixer
  • Eight mono inputs
  • Three stereo inputs
  • Adjustable mix levels for all inputs
  • DSP audio processing with preset dynamics for voice or music
  • Full-size rear panel XLRs for all audio I/O
  • Speaker output

Elevate your monitoring experience with the Glensound GS-MM83, offering unparalleled control and exceptional audio quality for a wide range of broadcasting applications.