Glensound GS-HA013

Single portable Headphone Amplifier

The Glensound GS-HA013  provides a one-off headphone amplifier in a compact format.



Introducing the Glensound GS-HA013 – A Compact, Robust, and Economical Headphone Amplifier for Enhanced Audio Control.

The GS-HA013, part of the renowned Glensound range, is a small yet powerful headphone amplifier designed to meet the demands of audio professionals. Building on the success of its predecessor, the GS-HA001, this unit takes it a step further by incorporating switches that allow versatile routing options for each input—whether to the left ear, right ear, or both.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Routing Options: The GS-HA013 enhances user control with dedicated switches for routing each input to the left ear, right ear, or both. This flexibility ensures a personalized and immersive audio experience.
  2. User-Friendly Operation:
    • A convenient toggle switch powers the unit on/off.
    • A bright blue LED indicator signals the unit’s status, glowing steadily when on and flashing when the battery is low, providing a visual cue for battery replacement.
  3. Flexible Audio Inputs:
    • Dual XLR inputs on the rear panel accommodate balanced audio signals, typically feeding left and right channels of the headphone amp.
    • A switch is provided for seamlessly switching to an unbalanced stereo signal input on a single XLR, allowing compatibility with various audio sources.
  4. Phase Reverse Functionality:
    • The GS-HA013 features a phase reverse switch for the right ear, operated by a small toggle switch. This ensures precise audio alignment for an optimized listening experience.
  5. Dual Headphone Jacks:
    • Two parallel headphone jack connections (6.35mm, A/B gauge) cater to diverse connectivity needs, while a third jack (3.5mm) adds further versatility.
    • Each headphone jack is suitable for use with headphone impedances ranging from 32 to 1000 ohms.
  6. Power Options:
    • The unit is powered by a single PP3 long-life battery, offering portability and extended usage.
    • External DC power input provides an alternative power source for continuous operation.
  7. Compact Design with Belt Clip: The GS-HA013’s compact size, complemented by a belt clip, ensures portability without compromising functionality.

Elevate your audio monitoring experience with the Glensound GS-HA013. With its compact design, flexible routing options, and intuitive controls, this headphone amplifier is a reliable companion for professionals seeking precision and convenience in their audio setups. Discover the power of enhanced audio control with Glensound.