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Glensound GS-FW024 MKII

Four Channel 4 Wire Subrack

The Glensound GS-FW024 MKII 1u 19” rack unit containing 4 separate 4 wire/IFB circuits.

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Introducing the Glensound GS-FW024 MKII Four-Channel 4-Wire Subrack – a cutting-edge 1U 19” rack unit that represents the next generation of our highly acclaimed GS-FW024 series. Building upon over 35 years of expertise in designing and crafting 4-wire talkback units, the GS-FW024 MKII stands as a top-tier solution in our extensive lineup. Ideal for serving as the communication hub in small OB vans and studios, this unit combines reliability, versatility, and comprehensive specifications for a seamless communication experience.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile 4-Wire Circuits: The GS-FW024 MKII houses four outgoing and incoming talkback circuits, providing exceptional flexibility for communication needs.
  2. Programme Circuit: Includes an incoming ‘Programme’ circuit to enhance functionality and integration into your audio setup.
  3. Presence LEDs: Illuminate when an incoming talkback circuit receives audio, providing visual feedback for efficient communication management.
  4. Microphone Options: Features both internal front panel microphone and an XLR input for an external microphone, offering flexibility in choosing input sources.
  5. Individual Gain Controls: Equipped with individual gain controls for both microphones, allowing precise adjustments for optimal audio levels.
  6. Referee Compressor/Limiter Circuit: Incorporates the Glensound ‘Referee’ compressor/limiter circuit on mic amps for enhanced audio quality and control.
  7. Programmable Talkback Keys: Illuminated talkback keys can be easily programmed to alter operation modes, including latching, momentary, and intelligent lever key functionality.
  8. Flexible 4-Wire Circuit Controls: All 4-wire circuits feature input and output gain controls, enabling customization for various audio setups.
  9. IFB Functionality: 4-wire inputs can be looped to 4-wire outputs (IFB), enhancing flexibility in managing communication within the system.
  10. Routing and Mixing Options: PGM input can be routed to 4-wire outputs, and PGM inputs and IFBs can be mixed or cut when talkback keys are operated.
  11. Talkback Group Definition: Easily define talkback groups for streamlined communication in diverse scenarios.
  12. Audio Connectivity: All audio inputs and outputs are conveniently placed on XLR connectors for standardized and reliable connectivity.
  13. Integrated Speaker and Headphone Output: Front panel speaker and headphone jack provide convenient monitoring options, with volume control for added flexibility.
  14. Mains Powered: Supports a wide range of power inputs from 100-250 VAC for global compatibility.
  15. External Output Options: Balanced external LS output (0dB) and transformer-balanced outputs ensure high-quality audio transmission.
  16. Remote Operation: Includes loop inputs for remote operation of talkback keys and loop outputs for red light switching, external LS dimming, etc., triggered by talkback keys.
  17. Labeling: Large labelling points on the front panel facilitate easy designation of audio circuits.

Elevate your communication infrastructure with the Glensound GS-FW024 MKII – a powerhouse of features and reliability for the most demanding broadcasting environments.