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Glensound GS-FW021

Four wire box for use with headsets

The Glensound GS-FW021 is the smallest of our belt pack range and has a very long battery life (in excess of 100 hours).

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Introducing the Glensound GS-FW021 Four Wire Box – Your Essential Companion for Headsets in Broadcast Environments.

In the dynamic realm of broadcasting, where simplicity and flexibility are paramount, the Glensound GS-FW021 stands out as a versatile solution for intercoms using 4-wire topology. Perfectly suited for outside broadcasting, this compact unit simplifies the wiring process, facilitating seamless communication between personnel. Its compatibility with standard broadcast operating levels and connectors makes it an ideal choice for ad-hoc or semi-permanent systems, particularly in demanding environments.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Intercom Solution: The GS-FW021 adapts seamlessly to diverse broadcasting needs. From a single-circuit belt-pack designed for use with headphones to a robust six-circuit, rack-mounting intercom with an integrated loudspeaker and talkback microphone, this range covers it all.
  2. Battery-Powered Performance: The GS-FW021 is powered by a 9-volt PP3 battery, ensuring portability and extended usage with a remarkable battery life exceeding 100 hours. The unit features a convenient power-on switch, power-on LED indicator, and low battery indication for uninterrupted operation.
  3. User-Selectable Modes: This versatile device offers three user-selectable modes to accommodate various broadcast scenarios:
    • 4-wire mode for standard connection to other broadcast equipment.
    • Interrupt loop through (IFB) for monitoring and adding talkback over incoming audio.
    • 2-wire conference mode for connecting multiple GS-FW021 units together, compatible with Prospect C1B.
  4. Intelligent Design for Comfort and Control:
    • Headset connection on a 3-pole 6.35mm (A/B gauge) jack.
    • Push-to-talk button for microphone input.
    • Limiter circuit for mic input.
    • Headphone volume control for personalized audio experience.
    • Auxiliary audio input (on 3.5mm jack) fed to the headphone circuit.
  5. Compact and Portable: With maximum dimensions of just 152 x 42 x 72mm (l x w x d), the GS-FW021 is designed for convenience without compromising functionality. It includes a belt clip for enhanced mobility (not pictured).

Empower your broadcasting setup with the Glensound GS-FW021 Four Wire Box. From standardized connections to intelligent design features, this compact powerhouse ensures clear and efficient communication in any broadcast environment. Elevate your broadcasting experience with Glensound.