Glensound GS-FW018

Single Channel Four Wire Subrack With IFB


SKU: 102531



Glensound GS-FW018 – Elevating Communication with Precision and Power

Experience the pinnacle of audio communication with the Glensound GS-FW018—a Single Channel Four-Wire Subrack with IFB, meticulously designed for unparalleled performance. In a compact 19-inch 1RU form factor, this mains-powered subrack delivers a single 4-wire circuit, ensuring seamless communication in various professional applications.

Key Features:

  1. Single 4-Wire Circuit: The GS-FW018 is equipped with a single 4-wire circuit, providing a dedicated channel for robust and clear communication.
  2. Program Audio Input: Ensure flexibility with a program audio input, allowing integration with a variety of audio sources.
  3. Front Panel Mic Options: Choose between a front panel microphone or an external microphone for versatile audio input options.
  4. Mic Gain Control: Fine-tune your audio input with the mic gain control, providing precise adjustments for optimal performance.
  5. Compressor/Limiter Circuit for Mic: The built-in compressor/limiter circuit for the microphone ensures that audio peaks are managed effectively, delivering a consistent and distortion-free signal.
  6. Front Panel Lever Key: Control the switched output effortlessly with the front panel lever key, enhancing user convenience.
  7. Transformer-Balanced Inputs: Both the 4-wire input and program input are transformer balanced, guaranteeing high-quality audio transmission.
  8. Input Gain Controls: Independently adjust the input gains for both the 4-wire circuit and the program input, ensuring flexibility and control.
  9. Front Panel Loudspeaker: Monitor audio directly from the subrack with the front panel loudspeaker, providing immediate feedback.
  10. Headphone Jack (Breaks LS): The headphone jack, breaking the loudspeaker connection, allows for private monitoring without affecting the main output.
  11. Variable Loudspeaker Dim: Customize the loudspeaker output with variable loudspeaker dim control when the lever key is switched, ensuring a tailored listening experience.
  12. Audio Presence LEDs: Stay informed with audio presence LEDs that indicate incoming audio, providing visual cues for effective monitoring.
  13. 4-Wire Input/Output Switching: Switch the 4-wire input to a 4-wire output, enhancing versatility in routing and communication setups.
  14. Program Input/Output Switching: Similarly, switch the program input to a 4-wire output, adding further flexibility to your audio configuration.

Compact and Powerful Design:

  1. Mains Powered: The GS-FW018 operates efficiently with mains power, ensuring a reliable and continuous power source for critical communication needs.
  2. 19 Inch 1RU Form Factor: Compact and rack-mountable at 1RU in a 19-inch frame, the subrack optimizes space while delivering powerful functionality.

Elevate your communication setup with the Glensound GS-FW018—a subrack that combines precision engineering with powerful features, perfect for professional applications where clear and reliable communication is paramount.