Glensound GS-CU008

Single Commentator’s Box With One Talkback Circuit

The Glensound GS-CU008 is a popular general purpose mic and headphone interface.

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Glensound GS-CU008

The Glensound GS-CU008 is a popular general purpose mic and headphone interface. Its flexibility has resulted in various custom designs with multiple mic inputs, or multiple monitoring inputs. These options can interface with wireless systems, or be used for audio description.

The front panel input is transformer balanced at microphone level with a selectable 48v phantom power switch. A small pot is on the front panel for adjusting gain control, and the mic on/off switch can also be set to act as a cough switch. For optimising the voice input, a band pass filter is used.

There is a single transformer balanced programme output. The output level is configurable by a three position selector switch which would typically be used with the compressor / limiter active above 0dB. The limiter can also be turned off for a 0dB output. If the compressor / limiter is not required, but more headroom is, the user can select a -10dB output without compressor/limiter.

There is a single audio input with a variable pot for headphone monitoring for a single commentator, with a control for adjusting sidetone level in the headphones. Both pots have left/both/right headphone switching, facilitating adjustment of any input to either side of the headphones. The operator has a single 6.35mm headphone socket. There is a 7 segment LED PPM meter.

Internal switch mode power supply 90-240v AC. An external power input is also provided on a 4 pin XLR 10-18v DC.