Glensound GS-CU004

 Mic & Headphone Amp

The Glensound GS-CU004 is an economical versatile belt-pack box designed for use in outside broadcast environments.

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Glensound GS-CU004 – Unleashing Precision in Microphone & Headphone Amplification

Experience unparalleled clarity and control with the Glensound GS-CU004, a versatile Microphone & Headphone Amp meticulously designed to meet the demands of broadcast professionals. Packed into a compact belt pack format, this powerhouse offers complete commentary functionality with a range of features that set it apart.


  1. Versatile Main Input: Switch effortlessly between mic, mic+12v phantom power, and line inputs. The adjustable gain control ensures compatibility with a wide array of dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones.
  2. Broadcast Quality Compressor/Limiter: Manage peak levels seamlessly with the built-in broadcast quality compressor/limiter circuit, ensuring clarity even during moments of heightened excitement.


  1. Dual Output Circuits: Enjoy two separate output circuits—one for main program audio and the other for talkback. Configurable independently using Config+, these circuits support both latching and momentary functions. The program output even includes a ‘cough’ feature for added control.
  2. Transformer-Balanced Outputs: Both outputs are transformer balanced, ensuring pristine audio quality and eliminating unwanted interference.


  1. Dual Monitoring Inputs: Benefit from two monitoring inputs, each with independent level control. Easily switch between left ear, right ear, or both ears for comprehensive monitoring flexibility.
  2. LED Level Meter: Stay informed with the 4 LED level meter, ranging from -6 to +6 dB, providing a visual representation of your audio levels.


  1. Flexible Power Options: Power the GS-CU004 with a single 9v PP3 battery or an external 12v DC power supply. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for remote setups, pitch-side interviews, and seamless integration with wireless systems.

Complete Commentary Functionality:

  1. Belt Pack Format: Designed for convenience, the GS-CU004 is compact and features a belt clip for easy portability, making it a favorite among pitch-side interviewers and remote link applications.
  2. Configurable Outputs: Independently configure buttons for both outputs using Config+, offering versatility with options for latching, momentary, or lazy configurations.
  3. Headphone Monitoring: Enjoy a crisp headphone output on a 6.35mm jack socket, providing professional audio monitoring for the user.
  4. Left/Both/Right Switching: The headphone inputs support left, both, and right switching, enhancing monitoring customization.
  5. Maximum Dimensions and Weight: Compact and lightweight, the GS-CU004 measures 153 mm x 104 mm x 43mm (excluding belt clip) and weighs 355g (excluding battery).

Elevate your broadcast commentary experience with the Glensound GS-CU004—a powerhouse that combines precision, flexibility, and portability in a sleek belt pack format.