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Glensound Beatrice B4+

Four Channel Beatrice Beltpack Intercom On Dante / AES67 Networks


Original price was: €1,035.Current price is: €985.

SKU: 108800
Original price was: €1,035.Current price is: €985.
Original price was: €1,035.Current price is: €985.
Original price was: €1,035.Current price is: €985.


The Glensound Beatrice B4+ is a sophisticated audio interface designed with the Broadway standard, featuring 4 FireWire (FW) and 4 IFB (Interruptible Foldback) connections to the Dante/AES67 Network. The unit is designed to be compact for operator convenience, allowing reception of audio from four distinct network locations.

Key features of the Beatrice B4+ include:

  1. Microphone Input: The B4+ is equipped with a 3-pin XLR microphone input, featuring gain adjustment and 48V phantom power. The XLR connector can be specified with 4 or 5 pins for headset connections.
  2. Talk Buttons: Four separate talk buttons are provided, enabling the routing of the microphone input to any of the 4 network outputs. The button operation can be configured as momentary, latching, or intelligent. A double tap on any talk button initiates a ‘call’ signal alert that can be received by another Beatrice unit.
  3. Call Function: The double tap on the talk buttons activates a ‘call’ signal alert, which is received by other Beatrice units. An LED indicates an incoming call alert, accompanied by an audio indication on the headphones. This function can be disabled if needed.
  4. Level Control and Signal Indicators: Each input has a separate level control adjustment, allowing customization of headphone levels for each of the four inputs. Signal present indicators on each input help identify the incoming audio source.
  5. Remote Control: The Beatrice B4+ supports remote control functions via GlenController, a Windows 10 remote app. This enables monitoring, setup, and control remotely. Real-time PPM (Peak Programme Meter) metering, button operation, and input gain control can all be managed remotely. Channel labels can be sourced from the Dante network or set independently.
  6. Ultra Compact Design: The B4+ is designed to be ultra-compact, with a rugged aluminum case and robust pillar supports, ensuring durability for portable use.
  7. High Specification Microphone Amplifier: The microphone input includes a high-quality amplifier with gain adjustment and selectable 48V phantom power. The XLR connection can be customized as a 4-pin or 5-pin headset connection if required. A separate 6.35mm headphone output is always available.
  8. Network Connectivity: As an Audinate Broadway design, the B4+ allows communication with four separate locations on the network. It supports connectivity with over 100 Beatrice B4+ devices on the same network.

Overall, the Glensound Beatrice B4+ is a versatile and feature-rich unit suitable for various audio applications, offering a balance of functionality, compact design, and remote control capabilities.