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Glensound Beatrice B2

The Glensound BEATRICE B2 is an ultra compact, robust, portable two channel beltpack intercom designed for broadcast, theatre and professional audio applications.

Original price was: €655.Current price is: €620.

SKU: 116853
Original price was: €655.Current price is: €620.
Original price was: €655.Current price is: €620.


The Glensound Beatrice B2 is a compact and robust two-channel beltpack intercom designed for broadcast, theatre, and professional audio applications. Here are some key features and specifications:

1. Dante Network Audio:

  • Utilizes the Dante network audio transmission protocol for real-time distribution of uncompressed audio across standard Ethernet networks.
  • Fully compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment using the Dante protocol.
  • AES67 compliant.

2. Two-Channel Operation:

  • Allows a single user to listen and communicate with two other circuits on the network.
  • Incoming and outgoing audio circuits can be in different locations depending on Dante network routing.

3. Dante Routing & Partyline Mode:

  • Audio routing to/from other devices is configured using Dante Controller.
  • Partyline facility allows the incoming circuit to be routed to the output circuit, creating a simple partyline.

4. External Mic Input:

  • Features a clear-sounding microphone amplifier designed for communication purposes.
  • Includes a compressor/limiter circuit to maintain consistent levels and intelligibility.
  • Twelve Volt Phantom power is available and can be turned on/off as required.

5. Volume & Panning:

  • Front panel includes two easy-to-use volume controls, one for each input.
  • Controls can be used for panning the incoming circuit to one ear or the other during configuration mode.

6. PoE Powered:

  • Powered via Ethernet cable using standard Power over Ethernet (PoE).
  • Can be powered by an external PoE switch or a midspan power injector.

7. Headphone Output:

  • Unique headphone amplifier supports low or high impedance headphones.
  • Automatically adjusts the output level to match the impedance of connected headphones.
  • Stereo headphone amplifier with panning capability.

8. Multipin XLR Headset Connector:

  • Standard 5-pin balanced XLR socket for microphone input and headphone output.
  • Option for a 4-pin XLR plug.

9. Call Function:

  • Inbuilt call function allows the operator to alert other users for communication.
  • Operator double-taps the speak key to initiate a call, flashing a call LED on the other user’s keypanel.
  • Audible ‘beep’ can be set to alert the user of an incoming call.

10. Call/Presence Indicator: – Each channel has a red LED that acts as a presence detector on the incoming audio circuit. – LED lights up when audio is detected and remains lit for a short period after audio stops. – Flashing LED indicates an incoming call.

11. Ultra-Compact Design: – Manufactured using lightweight yet strong aluminum. – Laser-etched aluminum front and rear panels, powder-coated aluminum sides. – Compact form factor (65 x 131 x 36mm) for easy transport, weighing just 230g.

The Beatrice B2 is designed to be user-friendly for operators and easy to set up for technicians, offering essential functionality for small intercom systems without complex installation requirements.