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Glensound Beatrice B1

Single Channel Ultra Compact Beltpack with 4-pin XLR Male or 5-pin XLR Female

The Glensound BEATRICE B1 is an ultra-compact, robust, portable single channel belt pack intercom designed for broadcast, theatre, and professional audio applications.

Original price was: €620.Current price is: €590.

SKU: 108771
Original price was: €620.Current price is: €590.
Original price was: €620.Current price is: €590.


Glensound Beatrice B1 – Single Channel Network Audio Ultra Compact Beltpack Intercom

Elevate your communication experience with the Glensound Beatrice B1, an ultra-compact, robust, and portable single-channel beltpack intercom meticulously designed for broadcast, theatre, and professional audio applications. As part of the Beatrice intercom system, it harnesses the power of the reliable Dante network audio transmission protocol, ensuring real-time distribution of uncompressed audio across standard Ethernet networks. The Beatrice B1 is not only fully compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment using the Dante protocol but is also AES67 compliant.

Key Features:

  • Single Channel Operation:
    • Connect one user to the unit to listen and communicate with one other circuit on the network.
    • Dante routing and partyline mode offer flexible audio circuit configurations.
  • Dante Network Integration:
    • Utilizes Dante controller for audio routing to/from other devices.
    • Inbuilt partyline facility simplifies circuit routing, creating a straightforward partyline.
  • External Mic Input:
    • Clear-sounding microphone amplifier with compressor/limiter circuit for consistent levels and intelligibility.
    • Twelve Volt Phantom power available, toggleable as needed.
  • Volume & Panning:
    • Front panel features an easy-to-use volume control.
    • Configuration mode allows for panning the incoming circuit to either ear.
  • PoE Powered:
    • Powered via standard PoE (Power over Ethernet) for simplified cabling and setup.
  • Headphone Output:
    • Unique headphone amplifier accommodates low or high impedance headphones.
    • Stereo output with panning capability to left or right ears.
  • Multipin XLR Headset Connector:
    • Fitted with a 5-pin balanced XLR socket for microphone input and headphone output.
    • Option for a 4 XLR plug.
  • Call Function:
    • Operator can call/alert other users with a double-tap on the speak key.
    • Bright yellow call LED and audible beep signal incoming calls.
  • Call/Presence Indicator:
    • Each channel has a red LED acting as a call/presence detector.
    • Flashing LED indicates an incoming call.
  • Ultra-Compact Design:
    • Lightweight yet strong aluminum construction.
    • Laser-etched aluminum front & rear panels, powder-coated aluminum sides.
    • Ergonomically positioned user buttons, microphone, and headphone output for optimal user experience.
    • Weighs just 230g and measures 65 x 131 x 36mm for easy transport and unobtrusive use.


The Glensound Beatrice B1 redefines compact beltpack intercoms, offering seamless integration with Dante network audio while maintaining simplicity and ease of use. With its advanced features and ultra-compact design, the Beatrice B1 stands as a reliable communication solution in demanding professional environments.