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Furman BB-RS232

Provides Ethernet connectivity to BlueBOLT-supported products that are otherwise only capable of RS-232 communication.

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Furman BB-RS232 BlueBOLT Ethernet To BlueBOLT Gateway For CN-1800S/CN-2400S/CN-3600S E

Unlock the power of seamless communication and control with the Furman BB-RS232, an innovative adapter that bridges Ethernet connectivity to BlueBOLT-supported Furman Sequencing products, including CN-1800S, CN-2400S, and CN-3600SE, originally designed for RS-232 communication.

Versatile Connectivity: The Furman BB-RS232 opens new possibilities by providing Ethernet connectivity to BlueBOLT-supported Furman Sequencing products, overcoming the limitations of RS-232 communication. By seamlessly integrating the BB-RS232 into your setup, you enable these products to communicate with BlueBOLT servers through the site’s Local Area Network, bringing a new dimension to control and monitoring.

Key Features:

  1. Control and Monitoring:
    • Take command of individual outlets or outlet banks with precision control.
    • Monitor your devices and power status in real-time for enhanced situational awareness.
  2. Email Alerts:
    • Receive timely email alerts for critical power events, ensuring you stay informed and proactive.
  3. Scheduled Tasks:
    • Schedule tasks such as power on, off, cycling, and sequencing to optimize energy usage and system efficiency.
  4. Multi-Device Management:
    • Effortlessly manage multiple devices in your chain, streamlining your control process.
  5. Device-Specific Features:
    • Leverage device-specific features tailored for your compatible product, enhancing customization and functionality.

Product Highlights:

Communication Ports:

  • RS-232 with DSUB 9 Male connector for communication and power.
  • 100BaseT Ethernet Communication for BlueBOLT service or a control system on the Local Area Network.


  • LED indicators for BlueBOLT connection, Status, Ethernet Link Status, and Data Activity.

Reset Button:

  • Convenient reset button for quick device reset or to revert to default settings.


  • Powered through non-communication signal wires of the supplied 9-conductor cable (for RS232 port) or with the included wide-range AC/DC switched-mode wall adaptor.

Mounting Options:

  • Capable of being mounted to the rear equipment rack rail or on the side of the equipment rack, providing flexibility in installation.

Elevate your control capabilities and streamline your power management with the Furman BB-RS232. Experience the convenience of Ethernet connectivity, advanced monitoring, and responsive control for a more efficient and intelligent power solution.