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Sielco EXC 30GT Original price was: €2,120.Current price is: €1,345.

Elenos N+1 System

N+1: Cost-Effective Automated Transmitter Backup

The Elenos N+1 system is the right choice where immediate service or maintenance can not be easily implemented.

Original price was: €11,142.Current price is: €9,995.

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Elenos N+1 System

The Elenos N+1 systems are a line of Elenos products that includes different versions of N +1 exchange systems for FM transmitters, in response to the needs of both private radios and international broadcasting companies.

Through the ECOS systems, there is a possibility to ensure more transmissions simultaneously and continuous operation in a single location, with uniform configuration and reduced weight/dimensions.

It provides the optimal solution for remote, unattended locations, in critical environmental and climatic conditions: the right choice for those that cannot or will not provide immediate maintenance. If you have an Elenos system, you do not need an N +1 custom system!

The purpose of the ECOS line systems is to enable the operation of a certain number of transmitters – up to a maximum number of 6-with a further transmitter, available as a substitute. ECHOS6 is the control unit of the system. It does the analysis of the status of different transmitters, of the related antenna relays and of the arrays of audio exchange/MPX.

This device is activated when one of the transmitters is at fault and manages the process of switching the RF signal, the audio signal and the MPX signal, in order to activate the substitution transmitter to replace the one out of service.

ECHOS6 provides MPX auxiliary channels, sufficient when the system transmitters are powered exclusively by MPX signal. If even one transmitter of the system requires an audio signal (Left and Right) or RDS, the is completed with AUDIO/MPX MATRIX. device

The AUDIO MATRIX module is entrusted with the switching of the audio signal, which takes place by means of an array of electromechanical relays. It is also available in the MPX MATRIX version, which varies based on the different types of connectors (BNC instead of XLR). There is also an antenna relay system that interfaces through standard connectors to the ECHOS6 unit.

The N +1 systems can be installed without opening the rack, as they are supplied fully wired inside, with the I/O connectors positioned on the outer panel. They are equipped with fans in order to bring together the exhaust air out of the rack. The system is “closed” as far as the interference and location issues are concerned, with ad hoc expedients for the best functionality and reliability during the operation. Thanks to the remote control, it is possible to receive data and to send orders to the transmitters and to the exchange unit throughout all the modern communication channels: SMS, GPRS, WEB, SNMP.

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