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Label AKY/3N Directional Antenna System Original price was: €1,460.Current price is: €1,390.

Elenos ETG3500

3.5kW Stereo FM Transmitter

The Elenos ETG3500 implements the most advanced technology regarding electrical efficiency, compact and lightweight design.



The Elenos ETG3500 is a robust transmitter designed to offer high performance and reliability in broadcasting applications. Let’s break down its key features:

  1. Eco-saving Technology: This feature likely optimizes power usage for efficiency and reduced environmental impact.
  2. LCD Graphic Interface: Provides a user-friendly interface for easy monitoring and control of the transmitter.
  3. Power Adjustable: With a range from 0 to 3500 watts, allowing flexibility in power output depending on requirements.
  4. Built-in Stereo Coder: Facilitates stereo broadcasting without the need for additional external equipment.
  5. TC/TS Board for Remote Controls and Interlock: Enables remote control and ensures safety interlock functionality.
  6. Profile Board for 1+1 or N+1 Systems: Supports redundancy configurations for uninterrupted broadcasting.
  7. AES/EBU Digital Inputs (Optional): Offers digital input options for enhanced audio connectivity.
  8. Triple Switching Power Supply System with PFC: Provides stable power with power factor correction for efficient operation.
  9. Telemetry and SMS Capability: Allows for monitoring and remote management via SMS alerts and telemetry.
  10. ICEFET® Technology: Improves efficiency and reliability by reducing temperatures and enhancing Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).
  11. Always On Air (Fully Redundant): Ensures continuous operation even in extreme conditions through a soft failure design.
  12. Intelligent Power Control (IPC): Maintains consistent output power despite fluctuations in input voltage or load conditions.
  13. Intelligent Proportional Foldback (IPF): Allows the transmitter to remain operational even with mismatched loads.
  14. Broadband Operation: Maintains optimal performance across a wide frequency range without the need for tuning.
  15. Constant Efficiency: Optimizes efficiency at any frequency and output power level.
  16. No IPA: Eliminates the Intermediate Power Amplifier, reducing redundancy issues common in similar transmitters.
  17. Easy Maintenance: Components are designed for easy replacement, simplifying maintenance tasks.
  18. SMS Alarms/Remote Deep Diagnostic Capability: Enables remote monitoring and diagnosis via SMS alerts and industrial standard protocols.

Overall, the Elenos ETG3500 is a versatile transmitter with advanced features aimed at ensuring reliable broadcasting with minimal downtime and ease of maintenance.