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Elenos ETG 500.5

500 Watt Stereo FM Transmitter

The Elenos ETG 500.5  transmitter combines ultra high efficiency, high reliability and low energy consumption in a sleek, 2RU high, compact rack mountable unit.



Introducing the Elenos ETG 500.5 FM transmitter, the ultimate solution for LPFM broadcasting needs. With 500 watts of pure power and a built-in stereo generator, this transmitter ensures crystal-clear, reliable transmissions every time. But what truly sets it apart is its energy efficiency.

Meet the Indium series, boasting an impressive 74% efficiency rate. This means substantial savings on electricity, operational, and cooling costs. By operating at lower temperatures, the transmitter’s lifespan is extended, providing both efficiency and durability.

Compactness and reliability define the Indium series’ 2U line. These transmitters are designed to be lightweight and compact, making installation a breeze and reducing transportation expenses. Plus, their high energy efficiency leads to significantly lower operating costs.

Thanks to Icefet technology and Lifextender algorithms, these transmitters offer exceptional reliability and performance even in the most challenging environments. Intelligent protocols adjust to environmental conditions, ensuring optimal power output while protecting equipment.

Moreover, the Indium series offers versatility. Models ranging from 150 to 500 watts can operate with a 48VDC power supply, perfect for renewable energy sources like wind or solar power.

Performance is paramount with the Indium series. Its rapid boot-up time and resistance to water and high temperatures mean you’ll be on air within seconds, regardless of conditions. Plus, its smart functions and synaptic capabilities optimize performance, adapting to environmental nuances for peak RF operation and superior audio quality.

Compact yet powerful, these transmitters pack a punch in a small package. With exceptional stability and ease of maintenance thanks to planar technology, they ensure long-term operation and top-notch performance.

And when it comes to connectivity, it’s seamless. Remote control and management features enable users to monitor and control the transmitter from anywhere, via SMS, GPRS, TCP/IP, or SNMP. With the Elenos Indium series, efficiency, reliability, and performance are all perfectly balanced for your broadcasting needs.